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Trident kayak Walkthrough

I just want to say well done to Brian and his crew. This is a really exciting trident kayak development. I look forward to the day I can get one of theses boats into my hands and land a big fish. I have dream’t of exploring some amazing South African waters and fishing in them.

Legend Kayaks new dedicated saltwater fishing trident kayak has changed the ball game for the aspiring saltwater kayak fishermen. Speed, stability, durability, reasonably priced, massive fish/rod/gear hatch, through hole to facilitate a motor. #kayakfishing#fishing#kayak#trident#legendkayaks

Well done guys and all the best for the future

Dogs of War

What a awesome video

It really get the blood pumping and I think it might be time to go get some tiger fish.

Fishing Sodwana Bay

Fishing Sodwana BaySo mid week in March 2017 we went to Sodwana Bay. I have not been here for a few years. It was awesome to be back fishing Sodwana Bay. The weather was perfect and the water was warm.  It was very sheltered in the bay area as the sea was rather big due to the hurricane off Madagascar . Walk the beach is the way I like to fish. So as you go through the gate you turn left and park in that parking pay. Take the left path over the dune to the beach and fish from there moving down the beach away from the bay.

All our fishing Sodwana Bay was done in the early morning and late afternoon. It was all lure fishing with a spoon type lure, I will  take a picture and post it. I  managed to catch a small king fish on the first cast and in total I caught about 5 fish. This was not a fishing trip but a  holiday for the whole family so I was very chilled with the fishing. My son even managed to do a few cast over the waves.

The kids also enjoyed it as they could run up and down the beach and when I was done fishing we all went and swam in the very warm sea. Win win for all.

You could even see the fish in the waves just before they broke on the beach. So good to see so much life still in the ocean.

The one time we did fish the bay was just before the dive boats started. We tried to do it again the next day but the ski boats had arrived so the fish where not around. The king fish where chasing the sprats. Check out the video below.

It was very exciting but frustrating as the kings where not interested in our lures. My daughter was right in the middle of a chase and some sprats even landed up on the beach. It was a first for her, unfortunately she did not catch any fish.  I did watch a fly fisherman catch a king and I also managed to catch a small king.

It was good to be back fishing Sodwana Bay in the surf and so good to see so much action. The fish are still around! Check out the pics below of some of the action. I was too busy fishing to take pictures.

How to Shoot Fly Line During a Cast: A Quick Q&A

Shoot Fly LineWhen you’re fly fishing in Alaska, casting more than 20 or 30 feet doesn’t happen very often. We respect fellow anglers who don’t think it ever needs to happen when you’re stalking trout on a perfect river. Saltwater fly fishing is an entirely different situation to shoot fly line, but that moves into a discussion that’s similar to comparing apples and oranges.

So, what do you do when those steelhead or salmon seem out of reach? You can pull up, scout around, and wait, or you can try shooting your line during a cast. It’s a great technique to add to your personal resume of angling expertise, and you don’t have to master it to enjoy the returns of improved production and just plain fun on the water.

How Hard Can It Be to Shoot Fly Line?

img_1620-1Shooting line to cover distance isn’t considered an art yet. You don’t practice it because you want to perfect your presentation. You learn the technique because there are times when a basic cast can’t put your fly where you want it. Shooting line happens when you stop on the final stroke of your forward cast and release as much as the throw can carry. To make it happen, you change your loop direction. Sending it up increases your distance.

Is It Really That Easy?

Like so many things that we love about fly fishing, a little finesse goes a long way with this type of cast. It’s not hard to make a stop behind and then a stop in front to get a nice loop. Still, it takes patience to wait until you see that loop unrolling on the rod tip before your line hand lets go. Shoot fly line is as simple as releasing after your stop so that forward momentum gets it out there where you want it. The trick is getting good at letting it slide, keeping the rod down low, and then stripping back in.

Are There Any Do’s and Don’ts?

If you’re new to fly fishing, you already know that practice is too much fun to be considered work, so we highly recommend it. If you’re a seasoned trout bum, you know that there are always things you can do better and worse. Out of respect for everyone, we’ll keep our rundown of do’s and don’ts short and sweet.

  • Do get really good at feathering the line and releasing just as the rod stops.
  • Do learn how to quickly get the line under your finger if you have to strip and straighten out.
  • Do make sure that the rod tip travels straight so that it produces a tightly energized loop.
  • Don’t release your line too soon causing the rod to unbend and lose the cast.
  • Don’t hang on so long that the rod flips and counterflexes at your stop.
  • Don’t get discouraged over the time it takes to perfect your timing.

Finally, do enjoy how this technique can help you avoid bushwhacking when you need some distance but the tree line has your back cast hemmed in. So lets get praticing on how to shoot fly line.

22Do You Need to Get Good at This?

It’s easy to think of a long cast as a liability, but it can be the difference between a slow afternoon and the kind of action that livens up hot tub conversations at the end of the day. It’s all about your timing and technique. Concentration on accuracy pays off with consistent results. You don’t have to master shooting line, but getting good at it definitely ups your casting prowess. That’s something you can always enjoy taking with you wherever you go fishing.

If we could be the very best at our favorite outdoor sport with just a few casting tricks, it wouldn’t be the same. If there were less than countless ways to tie a fly, we’d be lost. Fortunately, fly fishing in Alaska gives us plenty of room to keep working on all the angles and enjoying every minute of it. That’s how we like to spend our quality time, and you’re always invited to join us here at No See Um Lodge.


This looks like an awesome product. http://www.jigskinz.com/

I see some people are creative and make their own lures and then use the jigskinz instead of painting.

Fly fishing for tigerfish

Man I need to get back to some water to do some fishing. I feel like my soul is drying up. My mate tagged me in this video

Gets the blood pumping. I remember catching tiger fish on lures and they would hit hard. Very exciting stuff

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