Bass fishing farm dams

I still love fishing in Farm dams, and the funny thing is you can get some big farm dams with some big fish in. 2 spots that come to mind is a dam in Gingindlovu and one in Richmound. The Gingindlovu dam I used to fish there often when I lived in Mtunzini. I must have caught about a 4kg bass there. It was a monster, it was the king of thing that takes your breath away when it comes out the water. For me it is can a bass get that big.

This weekend I went fishing on a farm dam, thanks to my neighbor for inviting me to pop around and see his parents. It is not a huge dam but it still had lots of bass in. My neighbor on his first cast hooked a bass, he was so excited and I think he is hooked. He wants to now go and visit a fishing shop and get some equipment. The main story I want to share is safety. My neighbor has a boy of 2 years old, the dam had a boat on it so we decided to all hop on the boat and see if we could fish. I insist on wearing a life jacket, my neighbor feels the same way. Well we where on the boat and Matt was hanging over the side because he wanted to touch the water. Well as you can imagine disaster was about to strike, and sure enough it did. Over board went Matt, headfirst. His dad dived in right after him causing the boat to capsize and I was in the drink also. Eish the water was cold and it took my breath away. Lucky I had my tackle box attached to me and I did not let go of my rod. Matt’s dad did let go of his rod, fully understanding on that one as he was saving his son. Lucky the boat did not fully capsize and we manage to get Matt back in the boat as we swam it ashore. Poor Matt he was in a shock and very cold. Now we had one rod missing and I was not keen to do any diving. I removed my rubber worm and just had a bare hook and sinker, I started casting hoping that I would pick up something. Well lucky us after about the 20th cast I managed to hook the line and ended up pulling in the rod and reel.

I must say Matt is doing fine and I don’t think he is afraid of the water and we will be back in summer so that we can go for a swim.  We all caught lots of fish and to top it off we chowed down on a fantastic curry for supper, that warmed us up on the inside.

So be safe on the water, you never know what might happen.

A quick bass fish at Golden Harvest Park

I had been slaving away at my computer all morning and decided I needed a break, so I popped my rod and tackle into my car, raced off to Golden Harvest Park which is 5 min from my house. I have not ever had any luck there before. I have seen many a big carp there and that is still something I am keen to catch but not the normal way. I want to catch them off my fishingski. Anyway that is another story for another post. I have also seen the odd bass so I know they are in there. I meet and chatted to a chap that was fishing there and he said yesterday he managed to hook a nice bass that was why he was there today. Well I decided to give it a bash. I walked round the dam and casted where I could. I must say I am not a very keen bank fisherman. Anyway I ended up close to the island and made a cast into the tress that had fallen down. Well I was surprised when I felt the jerk of a fish. I struck and was on. Soon it was landed photo taken and put back in the dam. I am glad I have broken my spell of not catching any fish. I am now keen top go back with my boat and see what else we can catch.
I was using a chartreuse moto oil worm, with no weight.


Until next time, tight line and keep on trying you never know what is in the water.


A small selection of lures I have, some have been used and now are

retired. Some have been lost to some fish. I still have a few, and I
also now have a few more.

I find it is hard to go into a fishing shop and not leave with some
new shiny lure. I often wonder if they make lures to catch fisherman?
We dream of all the fish we are going to catch with the lure and get
all excited and make that purchase. Anyway that is all part of the fun
of fishing, dreaming of that most amazing place and the big fish that
are there waiting for us to catch them.

Hunterski fishing kayak

Today I went on a mission and popped in at the Hunterski workshop. Brian was happy to show me around and explain how the kayaks got made. Unfortunately they where not making any hunterskis today, but I will be back to see it in action, I am also keen to bring my camera next time. The hunterski kayak is router molded and Brian popped open a mold and explain how they put powder plastic into to aluminum mold and then clamp the two halves together. The mold is a bit like a sheep on the spit, it rotates slowly so that the plastic can end up all over the inside. They then take the mold and pop it in an oven, the oven tilts up and down so again the powder plastic can get all over the place. The oven blasts hot air all over the mold, which then melts the plastic and makes it stick to the sides. Once that is done the mold is taken out the oven and allowed to cool. The cooling process is assisted with fans and misters. Once it is cool it is popped open and one blank hunterski is born. They then add all the rod holders and other bobs and bits. And in the end you have a very cool fishing kayak made right here in Johannesburg South Africa.

Thanks Brian from for showing me around and I look forward to selling your home grown South African product. Please contact me Lantz Mattinson email lantz(at) should you want more details one pricing.