Alvey Reels

One of me top reels on my fishingski (kayak) is a alvey. It is a very simple reel which is ideal for the salt water conditions. It is like a fly reel but only bigger and more simple. In the center is has a tension knob and you can activate a ratchet sound. I use this reel when I am trolling and bottom fishing. The big thing for me is that I feel connected to the fish and I have control of how much tension I put on the line. It also is simple so no parts that are going to rust and seize up, I can remove the spool and add some grease now and again and it just keeps working and working. I did have a funny thing happen once when I was fighting a fish. The handle unscrewed in my hand so suddenly the fish had freedom 🙂


More of what I have on my fishingski (kayak) and the tackle I use in posts to come.

5 places I want to fish ( for now )

  1. The wreck off Mtunzini. There is a wreck off Mtunzini about a km offshore, it is just north of the river mouth. I did once fish the wreck from a ski boat and as the waves went past part of the wreck became exposed. For me there is something scarying about fishing near a wreck. My plan is to paddle from the parking lot in the lagoon to the mouth and then from there paddle out to sea. The other option is to get a lift on a boat which I think might be better.
  2. Hemmingways. Always been a dream of fishing in the clear Kenyan waters and catching sailfish on fly. The wives can also have a good time there.
  3. Mozambique (again). I think I could spend many moons here fishing the waters. Mozambique has got some most amazing coastline and some very good fishing. Not to mention the captain and coke.
  4. Sodwana (again). Find a mate and go and paddle to the reefs early in the morning and catch some king fish. Who's in?
  5. Zimbabwe. I hear the bass fishing is awesome, and there are big tigers in the river below the dam wall.