stealth kayak

This is a piece about what I do for a living and my freelance job. It is also a sales pitch for . My day job I work as a virtual branch manager for, well that was the title I have been given. What I really do is update the website, add and remove stock. I also do a bit of online marketing and I am about to start some banner advertising. We have a few companies under the hypergroup umbrella and I have also started developing their websites.

My freelance job is which has been around for about  9 years. Here I build, host, market, websites. I do training so that people can run their own websites and I am involved in Social media. I have a few other projects that provide a bit of income now and again. I sell the Hunterski and the Surfa online (not the best product for online sales). The other thing I sell is a Makooker it is a great idea and works like a charm. Check out the website for more details. I also run a few blogs, some with other people and some on my own. I have 2 that are collaboration and I do fishing encounters because I love fishing. So now that you know a little bit more about what I do let me explain what I have done.

In my job domains are hot property. A lot of people don't realise the value of a domain, especially when you add a website to that domain. I have been doing some research and found that the domain is available. So I have bought it. I am thinking of 2 things here. If anybody that sells Stealth Kayaks might be interested in the domain lets talk . In the meantime I am going to build a site and see if I can come up tops of the search engines. The nice thing is that the name "stealth kayak" gets about 1600 searches a month. Stealth do make great products.

Call me when in need here in Mozambique

I am based in Maputo – Mozambique.
For many years now I have been On Stand By for many Anglers visiting Mozambique – In that I will sort any trouble they have with the Transit Police and Regular Police.
Many travelers have my direct cell number and when any Police stop them – they would call me and I will sort all via the phone and they would be on there way without having to PAY ANY BRIBE.

I would like to post a open invite to all fishermen to take my cell number – store it on there cell phones and call me when in need here in Mozambique – I do offer to help with all Maputo safety Inspections when boats gets launched in the Maputo Bay and visit Inhaca Island – I do all this AT NO CHARGE what so ever.

I am a third generation Carvalho in Mozambique and would just like all visitors to my Paradise Country to have a great time – it is a FACT that the Police in Mozambique TARGET South African visitors and force them to pay Bribes – especially when visitors tow a boat.

So that is my offer of help

Best regards
Carlos "Tsutsuma"

Tiger fishing

I have done a very little bit of tiger fishing in my time. Once when I was a kid and we went to Lake Kariba and stayed on a houseboat. That was fun. Part of that tour we went to Mana Pools, I think I also almost caught a croc and could have been taken out by one. Was a bit clueless as we where fishing from the side and the next thing a croc appears. We all did a serious back jump. I have also fished above Vic falls and below. The below is where you go down by the old Vic Hotel. We also started our white water rafting from that spot. I have been twice to Chirundu, that was an amazing experience and we caught some 8kg tigers there. It was great as I also started playing with lures as I got bored of just drifting with bait. When that tiger hits the lure it is something else. The power and speed catches me ever time. We lost many as I was a bit clueless on how to get a hookup.


The other place I have fished was lake Jozini. My father, brother in-law and I did the annual Jozini tiger fishing comp. It was a blast but the fishing was not great. I need to make a mission to go there again. We ending up drifting in the clean water and casting spoons, it was fun to see the tigers racing after the spoon.


I was checking out facebook updates and that is what has got me excited about tiger fishing. Here is their facebook page


The Milkcrate

I am in love with this sport and it touches my heart when I find a site like this. To take to the words from their site because I could not explain it any better.

"The Milkcrate is a celebration of the people who define and grow the culture and lifestyle of kayak angling.  Through interviews, photographs, and editorials, this project documents the ideals and motivations of a group bonded by a sport that, while still in its beginning stages, is heavy in self-defined growth.

Like the plastic boxes affixed to so many fish-bound kayaks, The Milkcrate is a gathering place for many of the details integral to the sport.  Here you will find a community of artists, professionals, craftsmen, and anglers coming together to tell the stories of how and why they pursue a life touched by water and nature."

Go and have a good read on their site and be inspired.