Sup Fisher a stand up paddle board for fishing

Very exciting. So glad there is now a South African product. The Sup Fisher a stand up paddle board for fishing

A brilliant first for African fishing. The SUP Fisher is ideal for fishing our rivers, lakes and estuaries and for those more adventurous souls, the ocean. Designed specifically to suit persons that prefer the advantage of sight fishing. It is a prefect boat to get into all the nookes and crannies of that farm dam where the big bass hide. This craft is suitable for all fishermen types and their styles of fishing. Lets not forget that awesome place called Mozambique with its most amazing coast line.

SUP Fisher is easy to carry by yourself, easily loaded onto roof racks or trailers for transport. It has two built in rod holders, front and back, and a built in fish/gear hatch. Sturdy traction foam pads on decking for maximum movement, you can sit, kneel or stand and even put a cooler box on the deck to double up as cooler and seat.

The board sells for R6500.00 and  a standard paddle R495.00, the transport to JHB is about R250. Will get a final quote if you are interested. Should you be interested please contact me.



When I would come home I would often go and fish in the bottom dam of the farm. It was not a huge dam but perfect for some bass fishing. There is a boat on the dam and I use that as the fishing platform.

On this day a few of us went down to the dam. My mate and his girlfriend came on their motorbikes. Myself in the bakkie, not sure who else was with us. So I get there and go for a round of fishing, my mate and his girlfriend arrive a bit later, they went for a lekker ride around the farm. My mates girlfriend says she would be keen to try some bass fishing, so we climb on the boat and cruse off. She does a very good job of casting and reeling in the rubber worm.

She manages to cast over a stick which is fine, she starts reeling in and as the worm starts coming out of the water to go over the stick a bass takes it. I am sure all this happened in a split second but she did not strike. I scream STRIKE! STRIKE! what I did not realise and she told me afterwards was that I scared the hell out of her. She had never experienced that loud crazy voice coming out of my mouth before, it was frightening. That day the fishing beast in me came out and scared not only my mate but also me. I still love that beast but keep it more in check and channel it in the right places.

I have kept the names quite but you know who you are “chuckle”

How I met my wife

I used to work just outside a small town called Mtunzini. At a place called Road Island, it is a petrol station with a few shops. My dad and a partner owned the company and my dad ran the petrol station. I ran the 24 hour restaurant take away with my Aunt. It was a family business.

I had a land-rover bakkie and I would often hit the beach and drive to the mouth or take the boat and go deep sea fishing. I did lots of other crazy adventures with my Landy but that is for another blog post.

The mission was to go to the lighthouse before Mapelane , we would sleep in the dunes. My Sisters boy friend, would borrow my parents Landy and bring my sister and a friend with him. My 2 best mates, Patrick and Norman would pull in the next day. Norman was bringing his girlfriend. Norman had a world war 2 jeep, that he has restored himself. It had no roof and was all open to the elements. My brother in law and myself would go through on Friday afternoon.  This was the days before GPS, I wanted to see if we could find a way onto the beach going through the forestry roads just after Richards Bay.

Well they had cut down a lot of trees so there where roads everywhere but nothing leading to the beach. Each time we got close we would be blocked off by the natural forest. We kept trying and I was slowly moving closer to Mapelane. In the end we found a good solid road and this took us up to the lighthouse on the hill. Down we went on the other side through the casuarina forest. Then we found a place to get onto the beach. It was late so we setup camp, well I think I took a sleeping bag and put it on the floor. I had my dog with me, a Jack Russel named Calvin (after Calvin and Hobbs) he was the security.

The next day woke up and can’t remember what we did. I knew my mates where on there way, then we would do some serious diving for crayfish. Well my mates arrived and the had an extra person with them in the car. It was a friend of the girlfriend. They stopped and got out of the car, she stood up on the back of the jeep and held onto the roll bar. What a sight! Flaming red hair with the ocean as a backdrop. I was taken aback. When I cam back to earth we did all the meet and greet, her name was Nola. Then us guys took to the water to get some crayfish. If I remember correctly we only managed to get one crayfish. Which we shared. That night the boozed flowed and we made up strange mixes due to thing running out. I remember Nola and I having lots of fun as we poured each other stronger and stronger drinks, or was she doing that to me?

Later that night she and my mates girlfriend wanted to go for a walk. I joined them and it was a great walk, we held hands. My mates girlfriend ended up going back on her own. After that weekend we all went back to our normal lives. It took me a week to call up Nola and see if she would be interested in going out.

As the saying goes the rest is history. We dated, got married and now have 3 children.