OTEK Sportz

I got my hands on a OTEK Sportz camera through the daddys deals website. It was a good bargain compared to the GOPRO. I am not sure who imports them for now. The camera has been lots of fun. I have managed to shoot a lot of video and having a blast with the time lapse setting. I have uploaded a bit of footage to my youtube channel, feel free to subscribe. Now my next mission is to get some fishingski footage. I am hoping to do that soon. The one thing that is lacking is the amount of attachments for the camera. Lucky I am rather resourceful and I have made a few attachments, check my gallery below. I am going to be making a few more accessories as I see what my needs are. So if you have one of these  OTEK Sports cameras and need some extra fittings just let me know and I will see what I can do. The guys from action gear where also super helpful gave me a universal accessory that I needed.


Rod holder Belt for SUP board

Rod holder Belt for SUP board, well any situation where you need more then 2 hands. This idea started a while ago, I was fishing in PE on the banks of the river. I like to carry 2 rods with me, so the problem is where do I keep the other rod. Well I stuck it in my pants, it worked sort of. Besides it not looking good the rod also tended to fall over to one side. So this was the seed for my idea and I knew it was out there.

I recently got myself a stand-up paddle board. Yes it is one for fishing and has rod holders on it but I find them not in an ideal position. I would leave my rod on the deck while I paddled. Sometimes the rod would be a little over the edge of the boat and get caught on the reeds as I passed by, almost breaking the rod. So this was starting to get a bit frustrating. One day on the net I saw a good idea. It was a rod holder on a plastic sheet with a belt to attach around your waist. I new I could make one but needed time to think through the prototype.

Well I was in luck, somebody threw out a massive sign that was made out of black plastic. I took it home and cut myself a piece off, I still have so much more but fear not I will find uses for it. I got some pvc pipe and cut it to the right size to fit on the plastic sheet. I used a heat gun to give the top of the pipe a bit of a wider gap and create a flat edge. The flat edge was so that I glue it onto the plastic sheet. I added 2 cable ties just to give it extra strength. I used an angle grinder to cut the slot in the rod holder part to keep the reel from moving around. I also used it to make the slots in the plastic for the belt. I had some spare belt material from another project so I sowed it onto the slots and attached a clip for quick release.

This would also be great out at sea on a paddle board if you want to try trolling.



Mobile Fly tying desk

Over the weekend I made myself a Mobile Fly tying desk. I can now tie flies no matter where I am. There is just 2 things still to do on it. Stain it and attach some foam on it so I can put rest some hooks on it. I must say I am rather chuffed with it and look forward to tying many flies. It was make with some wood lying round and an awesome workshop fulled with all the right tools. Thanks to my father-in-law.

See the pictures below.


Vac-Rac is Transport for Rigged Fishing Rods

vac-rac-on-carIf you are like me I hate taking apart my fishing rods. It feels like such a waste of time. The other problem is keeping the fishing rods in the car and they take up the whole one side of my car, the poor passenger. Well the Vac-Rac solves both problems. The Vac-Rac is Transport for Rigged Fishing Rods and it sits outside your car so it takes up no space.

Fishing rod car racks, safe, secure transport for rigged fishing rods. For all types of rods: Fly Fishing, Bass and Deep Sea.

Fishing Encounters is selling this product: Prices do not include delivery, I will quote you on that.

New Quad Vac-Rac: R1010.00

Holds up to 4 rods. Double suction vacuum. New pillar bracket for extra reel clearance. Fits all vehicles (Aluminium, Steel, Plastic)

Standard Vacuum Rack: R955.00

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The Original Vacuum Rod Rack. Holds up to 4 rods. In continuous production since 1990

Locking Vacuum Rack: R950.00

Non Magnetic. Anti Tamper Dome. Lever is removable. Fits all vehicles (Aluminium, Steel, Plastic)

Professional Vacuum Rack (Pro Standard): R1530.00

2 Std racks joined together. Anti Tamper dome. Lever is removable. Holds up to 8 rods. Fits all vehicles(Aluminium, Steel, Plastic).

Please contact me if you are interested via email lantz@fishingencounters.co.za having issues with this email rather use afromedia@gmail.com or cell 08368189281 or fill in the form below and I will get back to you.


Plastic Anchor for your Boat or Kayak

blue screwI was reading the Complete Fly Fisherman magazine and I saw these cool blue screws Plastic Anchor. When I was a kid we would once a year go to Kosi Bay for fishing. These would be ideal for anchoring the boat in the shallows. Well for that matter they would be ideal for keeping the tent from flapping away in the south wind. The more I think, the more comes open to where you could use this product. Imagine keeping your boat safe while you explore a dune in Mozambique. Strapping that shade net to the side of your car in the heat of the day while you have a beer and watch the kids playing in the dam.

I fish a lot from my fishingski and stand-up paddle board for bass. Often the water is not deep and I want to just stay in one place while I do a few casts. With the blue screw I can imagine this would be ideal. Having a blue screw plastic anchor I would no worry about having a metal anchor on my boat.

Order them directly from http://bluescrew.co.za/