FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS – Saltwater – Upper South Coast

I am a keen fly fisherman and fly tyer and this kind of report makes me sad, but we can do something about it. I sit here in JHB and dream of fishing at the coast.  My mate Roger Gurr has written a great article.

Flyfishing along our coastline is becoming more challenging every year. In 1993 when a group of us from the Kingsburgh area started a  fly fishing club and started fly fishing in the sea and estuaries, we would fish six or seven times a week, either in the morning or in the evenings. I have to say that fly fishing was exciting in those early days because hardly a day went by when you never caught anything and there were frequently days when you actually lost count of just how many fish you had caught. I remember days during the Shad run when in two hours you would catch and release up to 40 Shad and there would be 7 or 8 fly fishermen on the beach all catching Shad and whooping for joy. All the beaches and rocky points from Amanzimtoti to RockyBay yielded good catches of species such as Shad, Blacktail, Wave Garrick, Bastard Mullet, Smelt, Natal Wrasse, King Fish and an occasional Garrick. River mouths were deeper and wider and rivers mouths such as Illovo were exciting places to fish because there was always a chance of a Garrick in the winter months when on a high tide they would come and smash the Mullet in the estuary. Once while standing in knee deep water at Warner beach I released a small Shad only to have a Garrick chase the Shad around behind me and claim it’s meal. Read the full story here.