2nd Fly Tying evening

Just a reminder that on Wednesday we will be having our second fly tying evening gathering. The details are here fly tying evening.

On wednesday I am hoping to tie some big flies for my trip to St Lucia Lake at the end of June. I want to catch some big Cob.

Our first evening was a lot of fun and we managed to tie a few flies. We also have a beginner that tied a awesome fly and I hope in summer we get to test it.

Fly Tying Evening on Wednesday 4th June from 6pm to 8pm

I am having my first fly tying evening on Wednesday 4th June from 6pm to 8pm. Looking at doing it once a week. It will just be an informal gathering to tie flies and have fun, please bring your own equipment and materials. I have the venue in Midrand. Pop me a mail if you keen to join us. afromedia@gmail.com or whatsapp on my cell 0836819281 or comment on this post. I will send you the address, and how to access the gate.

It would be free of charge maybe we could just share some snacks.

Looking forward to meeting some awesome people and learn to tie some cool flies. My kids will be joining me so you are welcome to bring your own.

Just let me know if I have forgotten anything