A quick bass fish at Golden Harvest Park

I had been slaving away at my computer all morning and decided I needed a break, so I popped my rod and tackle into my car, raced off to Golden Harvest Park which is 5 min from my house. I have not ever had any luck there before. I have seen many a big carp there and that is still something I am keen to catch but not the normal way. I want to catch them off my fishingski. Anyway that is another story for another post. I have also seen the odd bass so I know they are in there. I meet and chatted to a chap that was fishing there and he said yesterday he managed to hook a nice bass that was why he was there today. Well I decided to give it a bash. I walked round the dam and casted where I could. I must say I am not a very keen bank fisherman. Anyway I ended up close to the island and made a cast into the tress that had fallen down. Well I was surprised when I felt the jerk of a fish. I struck and was on. Soon it was landed photo taken and put back in the dam. I am glad I have broken my spell of not catching any fish. I am now keen top go back with my boat and see what else we can catch.
I was using a chartreuse moto oil worm, with no weight.


Until next time, tight line and keep on trying you never know what is in the water.

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