Alvey Reels

One of me top reels on my fishingski (kayak) is a alvey. It is a very simple reel which is ideal for the salt water conditions. It is like a fly reel but only bigger and more simple. In the center is has a tension knob and you can activate a ratchet sound. I use this reel when I am trolling and bottom fishing. The big thing for me is that I feel connected to the fish and I have control of how much tension I put on the line. It also is simple so no parts that are going to rust and seize up, I can remove the spool and add some grease now and again and it just keeps working and working. I did have a funny thing happen once when I was fighting a fish. The handle unscrewed in my hand so suddenly the fish had freedom 🙂


More of what I have on my fishingski (kayak) and the tackle I use in posts to come.

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