Ball Joint

I decided to make a ball joint. I needed a way to attach my gadgets to the suction mount. I managed to buy the suction mount from I must say I am super impressed with them and they are a lot cheaper than other suction mounts and I can attach whatever I want to them if I make the correct fitting.

So the first video is showing you my uses for the ball joint

The second video explains the process of making the ball joint. I have shared this on the Sealine Forum and got some great suggestions on a correct drill to use to do the counter sink.

5 thoughts on “Ball Joint”

  1. Hi, this is a brilliant idea!! Superb! Can I ask where you get the plastic bead from and what size bead and PVC pipe you are using?

    Guessing 25mm PVC pipe so think bead is 30mm or 35mm?




  2. Hello David

    The pvc pipe is the electrical one. I think it is the 25mm stuff. I got the balls at plastic land. They are just plastic beads and I am not sure of the size. I do want to get the correct drill from torkcraft to do the countersinks. Normal drills bite into the plastic.


  3. Quick question looking at your uses video, for the GPS “slide” mount, did you just split the PVC and open it slightly to accept the fitting at the back of you GPS?

    1. Hello David. I did just split the PVC but I also heated it up and used a long nose pliers to give it more shape. The problem is the PVC pipe is a bit thicker then the groove.

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