Bass Fishing off a Fishing SUP

Finally got my hands on a fishing SUP demo. I did a few test runs on my father in laws pond and it is very stable. The kids loved it and said I need to keep it :). Then the boat had a accident I had stored it on my stoep and it fell down, catching the corner and making a nasty break in the fiberglass. I manage to repair it and this weekend I got to take the fishing sup bass fishing. The weather took a very cold snap so I was not expecting big action but I was very excited to get onto the bigger water and see how the fishing sup preformed. The fishing sup does come with 2 rod holders but I find them in a difficult position so I made a crate with 2 rod holders and a seat.

So back to the bass fishing and the boat. I managed to find a dam in the midrand area so off I went. The fishing sup is light so I can manage it by myself very easy. So getting it on and off the the car was a breeze. I attached my crate with 2 bungie cords it worked like a charm. The boat is awesome and fishing from the stand up position on a kayak platform is great. The craft is very maneuverable and I can get into all the nooks and crannies of the dam. It is great to explore the spots right in the reeds right where the bass hide.  I managed to see a few carp and I did have a few very small bass attack my rubber worm. It was great and lots of fun to be out on the water the Fishing SUP is a very cool fishing platform.

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