Bass Fishing Richmound

I did mention in my intro that I am a big bass fisherman. My
introduction to bass fishing started on the farm in Eshowe. We where
lucky enough to have a dam just down the hill from us. So we would
walk there offten and do a quick spot of bass fishing in the
afternoon. The dam was fed by a spring so the water was rather clean.
It did have king carp in it that was also great fun to catch. The
other fish was tilapia, there where a few species. We would catch them
using meliee pap.

Many years later after school my mate moved to the richmound area very
close to Pietermaritzburg. He had a dam on the property that he wanted
to stock. Lucky he was a very keen fisherman so he got to know the
locals fast and find out the dams he could fish in. I would come and
visit him we would go to some really cool dams and catch lots of bass
and keep some to put in his dam. He managed to buy a boat and that
also opened up the spots we would fish from. One of the bigs things I
love is fishing from a boat. You are just able to explore so much more
and get to places your would not normally be able to get to from the
bank. The fishing sessiond would be such fun with heaps of banter and
abuse on the boat. There would be lots of cheers if you got a strike
and landed a fish.

I miss the fishing in richmound and think I need to plan a trip down
that side of the world for a good bass fishing trip.

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