Best fishing spot at Kosi bay

What is the best fishing spot at Kosi bay? Well I don’t think there is a best spot. There are a few factors that make up the good fishing spots at Kosi.

I have recently acquired a map of the good fishing spots and how to find them. This is from the same people that brought you Kings of Kosi.


I am just not sure how I want to share this with the world. If you think this would be of interest to you please leave a comment.

The Map in the picture is a very blurred version and the numbers have been marked off. The original is a scanned pdf version of the original. It is awesome to see it in its glory. I remember my Mom catching her huge Rock Salmom at the one spot. I just could not get over how big the fish was.

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  1. Hi there. I am going to be in kosi over December and was last in kosi some 15 years ago. I would really appreciate some guidance with regards to fishing spots.


    1. Hi Maurice, I would love to know how your fishing was at Kosi Bay in December 2014. We have been going to Kosi for the past 30 years and have seen a dire recline in fishing stock due to the gill netting and the kraals. We have actual pics of a black man on his canoe with the gill nets and we have pics of fish caught in a very long gill net. This man frequents the far end of the 3rd lake near Kosi Lodge and is extremely arrogant when he is approached. There is no subsistence fish farming but a huge commercial trade with people buying freezes full of fish.
      If you did go to Kosi over December 2014, I really hope you enjoyed the tranquillity and peace that Kosi Bay can offer . Regards Liz and Graham

    2. Hi there

      I am going to Kozi in a few months and would be so awesome to see your map of good fishing spots for Kozi. I am someone who enjoys the pre fishing preparation almost as much as the fishing itself. Please may I have a copy 🙂

    1. Hi Langs,I have relocated to Kosibay and would appreciate a copy of your map of the lakes and the fishing spots. Regards. George

  2. Hi
    I just stumbled upon your site now, and am so glad i did. Really enjoying the articles.
    I was at Cape Vidal this weekend, and after seeing the lake levels on the way, have started hatching plans to do a trip there.
    I am also a fan of Bhanga Nek and Mabibi, both of which i have visited numerous times.
    Anyway, i saw this map of Kosi, and i would love a copy. I havent fished the lake before, always staying at Bhanga, and have been intimidated by the sheer size of lake 3, and where would i even begin to start looking for spots.
    The map would really help!

      1. hi im going to kosi bay lake 3 tomorrow, and dont know were to start, can u please advise if ur spots is success full and can we maybe get a map

  3. Bhanga Nek, what a spot! Haven’t been in 17 years but I’m heading up on Thursday to share its spender with my close friends. Oh the excitement!
    All are keen anglers but have never fished the area. Anyway they are all looking to me for advise and inside info but I really am clueless.
    That secret pirate map of yours could be my answer 😉
    Any help would be much appreciated.


  4. Hi Lantz,

    I’ve been fishing at Kosi a couple times and I will be returning in just over a week. I would love to take a look at your blurry treasure map if poss?


  5. I am going to Kosi over the week of 31 / 01 / 2015 to 07 / 02 / 2015.
    Please could you send me your map.
    I fished there last year, but was not very successful.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Lantz,

      You very kindly sent me you map of the ideal fishing spots in the various lakes at Kosi Bay.
      Please phone me on 083 7774050, as I would like to pick you brain regarding what LURES and BAITS to use at what times.( i.e Live Bait, Sardine, Fillets Etc, for Sea Pike , King Fish and Rock Salmon
      Many thanks,

  6. I’m busy trawling the internet to find all the info i can for my upcoming trip to Kosi. We have never been there before and would love to get an idea of “the spots” to fish. Please could you email me the map.


  7. Its so exciting to read about the fishing at Kosi. I’m also going in three weeks time for ten days. Havent lately had any goood luck at the lakes. How is it with some feedback on the map. Can you also send me a copy of that map. Really appreciated.

  8. Please be so kind to provide me with Kosi Bay fishing spots and bait/lure recommendations.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards

  9. Hi
    Please sent me the map, we go there regulary but has never been succesful catching anything. What times, lures do one use. Will be there from 29th of Jul to 3rd of Aug. Thnx.

    Nico Storm

  10. Fishing at Kosi in September.
    Good day,
    I would like to ask for some advice if I may.
    We are planning a trip down to Kosi in September and will probably stay at Kosi Bay Lodge ( tented camp).
    Can you please give me some input as to what we can expect to catch? Which lakes works best? Lures/bait to use etc? We might be able to take a flatwater boat with us. We are 4 teachers eager to take on the mighty Kosi lakes and fishing waters.

    Your assistance and guidance will be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Jannie Le Roux

  11. Hi we are going to kosi bay 18/09/15.We would be very grateful if we could get the map and any useful fishing tips.We would be staying at the kzn wildlife log cabins.What types of fish do you catch at that time of year.Thank you.

  12. Hi Lantz can I ask you if you will also be so kind to send me a copy of the map. Kosi lakes are one of the most relaxing place’s. Yes and it is such a pity that the rules and regulations doesn’t work for all. We as family visiting Kosi often the last 10 to 15 years and the feeling is that the fish totally is not what it was. We are out for the joy and for the love of fishing and nature. Catch and release is on of our priorities, but unfortunately we also had some net experience and from small to big what so ever been caught goes out.

    Hope to hear from you.

  13. Hi Lantz, A group of friends and i are going to Kosi in December and would love a copy of the map. I have been there twice before with little fishing success. Please Help

    Thanks Wes

  14. Hi Lantz. We are heading towards Kosi Bay for December and can’t wait to get there. Our 4th year in a row as a group of 4 families who love fishing. What a blessing to be able to enjoy such a beautiful and tranquil place with your family and friends. Your map and advice would realy be the cherry on top. We have had some awesome catching days in the past but mostly not a lot of luck. Cheers Louis

  15. Dear Lantz,

    I trust this comment finds you well.

    I am a regular visitor at Kosi Bay.

    My friend, Neels Joubert, owns Kosi Bay Lodge.

    We have not been able to land a Kingfish.

    Please share the map with me.

    Kind regards,


      1. Dear Lantz, me and a group of mates are planning a trip in September this year to Kosi bay, how would you rate the fishing then? And any tips/maps you could possibly assist me with? Kind Regards David

  16. Hi Lantz, we are planning a trip in Sept, and your map/tips would be grately appreciated. Thank David 072 147 4331

  17. Hi Lantz,

    We have been to Kosi bay 4 times in the 5 years; the last time being in January 2015. We’d never been in January before and were told that fishing is best in January so were really looking forward to catching some fish. We also only keep what we will eat, and always return undersized fish. We didn’t catch a single fish; not even in the surf at the mouth or Bhanga Neck and I swore never to return!

    Anyway, as one does we’ve booked to go back this July; my wife, son and I enjoy fishing and we have a reasonable boat. I suspect we’ve been fishing a bit dumb and would really like to catch some fish in July. I appreciate it may not be the best time of year but we’ve caught before in July.

    I would be really grateful to receive a copy of your mom’s map; I guess having a fish finder would be useful but I’m not sure I can justify the expense. What do you think?

    Finally, I will definitely let you know how our trip in July goes.

    Thanks and regards

  18. Hi I have read a few terrible fishing reports on kosi and bhanga but also a few good ones. Would really like to know what the real story is as I am planning a trip there in October to try get my dad into a decent fish on fly as it is something he has always dreamed of doing but am now second guessing my choice of venue? Please assist with any info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Shaun

  19. Hi Lantz , I am going to Kosi soon and have also been struggling , would really appreciate if you could mail me the map
    Kind Regards Koos

  20. Hi – we are off to Kosi – Staying a Bhanga Nek. It would be interesting to see where others have been catching fish. A group of us used to go through every May in the late 80’s early 90’s and fish Lake 1 most of the time, with mixed results. We were there in 2014 October and my wife caught a 6Kg Kob in Lake 1. Having a view of you map would be invaluable

  21. Hi
    Going to Kosi in mid Feb for the first time.
    Taking light lure tackle and would appreciate the map and any advice.
    Best regards

  22. Hi – we were there for a few days in mid January. What we saw was a lot of gill netting in all the lakes as well as increased fish reed traps, None of the fish traps stuck to the 4cm gap in the reeds. The fish populations in the lakes has been decimated and the local authorities do little to no policing. We saw a pretty nice sized Kingfish pulled out of Lake One – long line off the southern bank using sandprawn in a strong southerly breeze. We tried drifting across Lake One with no success from deep sandprawn baits and spinners/dropshots/rapala. Had a good take from a snapper going into the channel from Lake Three on a paddletail/sick fish lure (nuclear chicken). Personally, i think the fishing in the lakes is very poor. Best shot would be to use livebait (mullet) of the southerly side of the estuary mouth, or go for shad in the gully between the bar and the beach at the mouth.

    1. Its very sad to hear about the hear about the gill nets and traps build in the main channels. Another good place going down the drain for us.

  23. a group of of us are going down in early 2018 – from what I am reading I am worried that our enthusiasm will be “fished out’ what would suggestions be and what months are good –

    (been on a few of our bucket lists)

  24. Hi,

    We heading to Bhangnek end of April 2017 and would really appreciate some pointers on spots to go and fish. Judging from the comments it looks like it’s going to be a bit more work than what we initially thought….Thank you for the informative site!

  25. Hi Lantz.
    Love your forum . I grew up in Hluhluwe and we used to go to Kozie when the likes of John Tinly was the ranger . He was strict and things ran well. My wife and i will be visiting Kozie for a week in April.
    I had some bad experiences with locals men and woman caused by them observing me catching and releasing fish.
    Have you any news on the situation as is now . We will be staying at the KZN sites .

  26. Hi Lantz
    we planning a trip to Kosi in April this year
    plan was to get in touch with ewan kyle and try spend a day or two with him to get an idea of spots (he used to run a guiding thing?) but i believe he is no longer there and is up in africa somewhere.
    would really appreciate any advice and tips (the map would be so appreciated!). we have a boat so plan on doing some lake fishing but the main goal is to catch a GT or two off the beach in the mouth or to the sides – as we have seen ewan do many times!
    any help would be so appreciated!

  27. Hi Lantz hope alls well mate names Mike Gunn just another vaalie looking for a tip or too haha.Really just looking to tick off the grass bucket list dream:)I’m not able to get out fishing often eish finances but have been spoilt on a trip to uhlatswayo from my girlfriend.I purely catch to release.Thanks Lantz

    1. Hey Michael, would be nice to meet you one day. I need to take some time and go fishing. My life is so full of everything else. Always get to get a spoilt fishing spot.

  28. Hi, I’m keen for some kingies in Kozi. I will be there this afternoon. The map would be a great help. Please send me a copy. Thanks

  29. Sadly the local fishing kraals[ they have made the catchment clearance smaller now so they are taking all juveniles a s well ] and the gill nets across the channel has taken its toll .

    I was paid a visit by the SAP boat patrol [ lake 2] who informed they were tasked with cleaning up Kozie bay the same team that cleaned up Jozinei Dam . I have had no feed back if the clean up has actually begun .

  30. Hi would love a little guidance of where to fish at Kosi I would be going up there for the first time with my family and would love to put my son on to some nice action!
    Thanks Jody

  31. Hi not sure if this is still active. We’re going to Kosi bay for the first time in December and any map/ advice on where to fish would be awesome

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