Call me when in need here in Mozambique

I am based in Maputo – Mozambique.
For many years now I have been On Stand By for many Anglers visiting Mozambique – In that I will sort any trouble they have with the Transit Police and Regular Police.
Many travelers have my direct cell number and when any Police stop them – they would call me and I will sort all via the phone and they would be on there way without having to PAY ANY BRIBE.

I would like to post a open invite to all fishermen to take my cell number – store it on there cell phones and call me when in need here in Mozambique – I do offer to help with all Maputo safety Inspections when boats gets launched in the Maputo Bay and visit Inhaca Island – I do all this AT NO CHARGE what so ever.

I am a third generation Carvalho in Mozambique and would just like all visitors to my Paradise Country to have a great time – it is a FACT that the Police in Mozambique TARGET South African visitors and force them to pay Bribes – especially when visitors tow a boat.

So that is my offer of help

Best regards
Carlos "Tsutsuma"

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