Casting Slimbait 175 – Chartreuse

So a quick question. Which fishing tackle shops in the JHB area have these lures and a good price? If you know of any tackle shops that stock the Casting Slimbait 175 please let me know in the comments below. Thank you in advance. I very much am hooked on the idea of the glow one but I imagine that the one that looks like a needle fish will work very well.

The long-casting Slimbait has a wobbling, rolling action and is best used with a twitching  & jerking retrieve. Perfect for shore or boat angling. They are made by CID Cast in Deep

Length: 175mm Weight: 30g Floating

Available in the following colours

Casting Slimbait 175Sardine
Chartreuse (with Orange underbelly)
Clear Blue
UV Orange


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