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Confession and a Regret

This has been plaguing my mind for a while. I went to the St Lucia lakes to do some lure fishing and exploring. I did a small bit of lure fishing but no exploring. We I look back now I did not drift the shallows casting a fly or a drop shot at fish. I did not go and look for the clean water to see if I could do some sight fishing.

This is nobodies fault but my own. I just wanted to get it off my chest and use this as a reminder to myself to not forget the kind of fishing I love.

Cane fires and bush pigs

The story of Lantz Mattinson (me) I thought I would share a bit about the person behind the fishing encounters blog, and why I set it all up and some other projects I am busy with. This is the nutshell version.

Born in the rolling hills of Zululand, Eshowe to be exact. I grew up fighting runaway cane fires and hunting bush pigs for food on a farm in the Entumeni area. The question of high school came and being good with my hands I headed for the sleepy hollow of Pietermaritzburg and the technical high school called Linpark. Fitting and Turning was my main subject, I loved it so much that the teacher gave me the keys to the workshop so that I could work on stuff on the weekends ( I stayed in the boarding house). I made a Scarborough reel and was so proud of it as I had turned each screw, the only thing I did not make was the ball bearing. I took it fishing to Amatikulu and unfortunately if fell of the rod on the way home and it was gone forever. I was gutted. After school I did a bit of studying, land surveying to be exact. This is where I got introduced to diving for crayfish and tried some spearfishing. I am deaf in one ear and the pressure when I dive deep makes it painful in that ear so I did not get into spearfishing. My grandparents have a place on the St Luica Lake called Makakatana and in the July holidays a few mates and myself would go fishing there for salmon. We would arrive with a car full off booze and my grandfather would supply the boat and bait and we would catch fish at night and sleep all day. That was such fun. I gave up my studies of land surveying and did odd jobs here and there, I even started studying engineering are the tech in Richards Bay. Soon after that an opportunity came up to buy a 24hour take away called Road Island. My dad was in partnership with the petrol station. It was based just outside of the town Mtunzini, I ran that place for just over 5 years. I learn’t so much in that time also and spent many hours fishing the area and going deep-sea, I even got my skippers ticket. I remember the Tradewinds Hotel on a Wednesday night was the place for a party, there was a guy that would sing and we would all get drunk and have such a party. While I was at Road Island, I started studding computers, first it was the hardware side of it. Then I met a girl! After a courtship we got married I sold the business and moved to the big city of Durban where I studied graphic and web design. This is the area where I found my love for computers. The internet was wonderful and instant, well almost as it was still dial up. We stayed there for 5 years and had 2 children, Eva and Lily 2 girls. We have since moved to the even bigger city of Gauteng and now have 3 children. We have adopted our last one because it was a dream of my wife’s and I went along with it, his name is Cuba. I don’t regret it for a second as this little boy is bringing huge love into my life every day.  I have grown and evolved worked for a few companies and now find myself working for myself doing online marketing, social media, project management, setting up of customized CMS (Content Management Systems), Blogs, general client liaison and a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). My company is called AFROmedia and  I feel this is an exciting place to be, give me a shout if you need a website. I am busy trying to setup some partnership websites so that I can make some extra money to pay for my fishing missions and support my wife and kids.

While I was in Durban I helped Don Stander setup it is now very different to what it is was then. In Joburg I helped Shaun with fishing corner when he first started and it was just for fun. I love fishing and I don’t think I will ever stop and I am keen to leave behind a memory of the fishing that I did. I remember how the stories of fishing my Grandfather would tell me would make me feel super excited to get out there and see watch I could catch and the amazing places I could go and see. So cheers to the love of fishing and a Captain Morgan.