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Longtail outboard motor South Africa

This looks like a awesome idea. I could imagine exploring some awesome places in an aluminium boat. The shallow draft of this outboard motor for those river mouths and going far upstream to some uncharted fishing water.

Check out their website for more details.

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Boat Storage

Is your Boat Storage taking up a parking bay at work? Is your boat parked in your yard under a cover filled with mosquito water? Don’t you hate it when you need to take your boat for that holiday or weekend away only to find that you need to service it and so many little things are broken, because it has been in the elements and they have taken their toll on your investment.

Your boat storage is under Cover.

Why not store your boat at our Rent A Store Sandton Branch. Your boat storage is under cover in an open parking bay, so it will not fill up with water and mosquitoes. Keep it covered to stop the dust.  Free up that space at work so you can get your job done without distractions. Free up that space at home for the kids car or whatever else you can use the space for.

We are open from 6am to 6pm 7 days a week. So when you are ready to go on that holiday or spend the weekend at the Vaal. Just come and collect your boat and off you go. You could even come and collect your boat after or before work.

So fill in a few details online and we will contact you to get the ball rolling. We don’t just want you to store your boat with us. We want YOU to use it, your boat that is!

About the author. Lantz Mattinson. He love’s boats in an understatement. He has been either on the water or in the water before he was born. If it floated Lantz was on it. He has been on Ski Boats, rubber ducks, rafts down the Zambezi. Fishing kayaks paddling through the surf. He was even on a ship once, but that was just in the Harbour. Raced yachts at Richards Bay. He paddled out to sea to tie a rope around a boat that had flipped so they could drag it back to the beach. He works for Rent A Store Sandton

Fluid’s Range of Fishing Kayaks

Get out there with any one of Fluid’s fishing kayaks!

Fluid has taken three of their bestselling recreational kayaks and made them even more versatile by kitting them out as  Fishing Kayaks. You can now take the Buddy, Chumani and Synergy out onto the water, slot in a couple of rods and go hunt the big one.

For those looking for a pure fishing kayak we have the Bamba. The Bamba is just as versatile as it can be loaded up as a touring kayak too with the large amount of packing space it has. Tracking well on flat water and in the sea, the Bamba has great trawling speed too. Made from durable roto-moulded plastic the Fluid range of fishing kayaks not only get you out there they do so without the need for patching and repairs.

Save money: Fluid sells direct to end users, delivery included. Click to view the complete range of fishing kayaks and find one for you

WaveJet – Personal Water Propulsion System

Fishing just got more fun

The WaveJet allows you to navigate waters hands-free. Giving you freedom to do more fishing and less paddling.

So who is the importer in South Africa or who is making something like this here.

Bass fishing on a sup (stand up paddle board)

Cuba and I managed to go bass fishing the other day. I had done some research on some bass dams in the midrand area that I wanted to check out. Research means looking on google earth marking the dams and seeing how to get there. The mission was to go Bass fishing on my sup.

So the day came and I loaded the fishing sup on the car and all the tackle. We had water and food. I had also made a cool thing to attach my camera on to get some footage from a little further away. I had my head strap also. I did manage to get some interesting footage that I need to edit and upload to youtube.

I found a dam and it looked very promising. The other dam was in the midstream estate and the guys on sealine forum said it was very cool. It was when I checked it out but I could not use my fishing sup. So we just walked around and Cuba ran around on the golf course for a bit. The first dam was on private property and the security guard would not let us in. I will be going back to the Midstream dam without all the equipment and just a fly rod.

So in the end I decide to go the the dam below Stoke City. I went my normal route only to find that the road below the dam wall had been washed away and it was impassable. So again I felt like we where being blocked to go Bass fishing on my sup. I decide that I will find the other way round to get to the dam. Nothing like an adventure and I found the other road to get to the dam. So I got the fishing sup offloaded and all the goodies attached. Cuba and I fished the dam from one end to the other but not a single bite. I am blaming the heavy rain for doing something to the bass. So it is back to google earth and l am going to find some new dams to go Bass fishing on a sup.

Plastic Anchor for your Boat or Kayak

blue screwI was reading the Complete Fly Fisherman magazine and I saw these cool blue screws Plastic Anchor. When I was a kid we would once a year go to Kosi Bay for fishing. These would be ideal for anchoring the boat in the shallows. Well for that matter they would be ideal for keeping the tent from flapping away in the south wind. The more I think, the more comes open to where you could use this product. Imagine keeping your boat safe while you explore a dune in Mozambique. Strapping that shade net to the side of your car in the heat of the day while you have a beer and watch the kids playing in the dam.

I fish a lot from my fishingski and stand-up paddle board for bass. Often the water is not deep and I want to just stay in one place while I do a few casts. With the blue screw I can imagine this would be ideal. Having a blue screw plastic anchor I would no worry about having a metal anchor on my boat.

Order them directly from

GPS for android to take on my fishingski

My GPS of may years has decided to stop working. I have taken it in to get it fixed and due to the age of it it has to be replaced. I am a bit cash strapped at the moment so that will need to wait. I have being doing some research and have found a few things to try. I have uploaded them to my Samsung Phone. I got a waterproof pouch for my phone as a birthday gift. My wife was very worried with me being out at sea.

So the first thing is I have installed it and will test it. Here are some comments from the people that made it.

viewRanger works by using the internal GPS built in your phone, combined with tracking, navigation and location sharing tools that we’ve developed. The GPS location, mapping & navigation can be used even without a mobile signal. With ViewRanger on your smartphone or tablet, and on the web at, you’ll get even more from your favourite outdoors pursuits.

Use ViewRanger to record your track as you go and create a mapped trace of your adventure, complete with all the key “stats” to keep or share.

I am still trying to work out how to add waypoints, I just see in the menu POI and Tracks. I need that for all my fishing spots.

The other thing I installed is mytracks by google. I am a bit of a google nut so I think this will be awesome. Again I need to do some testing. I also have my gps files at home so I will test and see if I can upload them.

If any of you do this kind of thing and have some suggestions please let me know. Thanks

The Fish Grip

The Fish Grip is a great tool for catch and release

I saw the fish grip in this video in youtube below. I went and check out their website I like the fish grip a lot. I managed to get hold of the guys who make them. There is no dealer in South Africa as yet. I need to make a few more USD so that I can get some into this country. I am told that they also float. I think the fish grip would be ideal on a fishingski

Soft roof racks

inflatable-roof-rackI have a problem. I have a company car and it does not have roof racks. I have recently got a demo stand up fishing paddle board. I also have a fishingski in Durban that I leave there. The problem is when I drive down I can only fish in Umhlanga as I can’t cart my boat anywhere because I don’t have roof racks. I was doing some surfing on the net and found an Inflatable Roof Rack at not a bad price and considering it is not limited to a single car makes it a winner. I suppose it could also be called a soft roof rack.

The Soft Roof Rack is designed to be a temporary solution for transporting leisure equipment, holiday luggage or simply a piece of flat pack furniture. No need to have permanent roof racks on your car and it fits most cars.

So the next step is to get my hands on one and give it a test drive. I will let you know.