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Tiervis Bonanza (Tiger fish)

Many Many moons ago I went with my Brother in law to the Jozini¬†Tiervis Bonanza. I still have the T Shirt ūüôā it is a little bit worse for wear. ¬†The mission was we drove down from JHB and my Father would come from Eshowe with the boat. We would then camp in¬†the main site where the comp happened. ¬†It all worked out very well, lots of fun was had by all. We had no luck with the big Tiger fish.

I had even caught to tilapia out of my father in laws dam to use as dead bait.  The big Tiger fish where just not interested. So we did lots of drifting around and lure casting. I saw lots of little tiger fish chasing my lures which is still such fun.

Meed to make a mission to go back there with my kids and see if we can catch a big one.

barbel bait rig

This is my barbel bait rig.  I did find the idea on the internet but had to make a plan as I did not have the product they mentioned. I went to dischem and found some gauze that did the job. I am very excited to try this else where.

IMG-20140922-WA0009I did get the bigger one as I was not sure what the final product was like. I cut them in half.


So you then put a dollop of chicken livers in the gauze.


Fold up the  corners to make a ball.


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Then you twist the ball closed and tie it up with some cotton.


Cut off any excess gauze to make it look neat if you want. I did get a bit lazy and did not cut it off. It did making casting the barbel bait rig go like a dart.


This is the final product cast out and catch a big barbel. The chicken livers work very well.


I am looking forward to trying this at Emmarentia dam for some barbel.

Roodeplaat Dam fishing and caravaning

I took my 3 kids on a Caravan trip to Roodeplaat dam. It was my first time caravaning and going to Roodeplaat. After a bit of googling I decided to stay at Mar Leo. Very easy to find as the road almost goes straight there. The turn off for Mar Leo is right after the 4 star blades place.

From a caravaning point of view the place is awesome, well to me it was. We had a site right on the waters edge so we could sit in our veranda and have our lines in the water. The other plus was we had power. It was a bit sad that they do not have showers but the kids enjoyed a version of roughing it. There is one trampoline out of 3 working, again the kid where very happy about that. The pool is clean but freezing when we went now in the beginning of september. The kids loved the pole over the pool. It was a great game to get across the pool without falling off.

We took our little blow up boat that we paddle around in. I need to get a battery so that I can rather use the trolling motor and stop the kids paddling us around in circles and fighting about it. I spoke to Andre the current manager for Mar Leo and he said it would not be a problem to use the boat. I had a concern because from the research I had done I was not sure if you could use a boat from Mar Leo. I had my fish finder with me and could see the water temp was only 17.5 degrees. We tried for bass from the boat and barbel from the land. We had no luck with both, but I think it had something to do with the temp of the water, as the structure around the dam looked perfect for bass. In some of the floating weed beds there were big fishing hunting and now and again it would whip up a froth as it was trying to get whatever it was cashing. I am keen to go back during the hotter months and see what we can catch. I also need to get up to speed on the best baits for barbel and maybe a few night time hand lines.

I have a barbel mission near the end of this month so need to get up to speed fast. What is the best bait? In my youth it would be chicken livers. When I fish emmarentia dam I use bread, but that is because that is what the people feed the ducks. I am keen to try viennas at emmarentia like I did at Roodeplaat dam. They do stay on the hooks nicely.

The place is a carp fishing hot spot and the guys around us where very kitted out the the carp fishing equipment. Mar Leo has day picnic sites available.

Best fishing spot at Kosi bay

What is the¬†best fishing spot at Kosi bay? Well I don’t think there is a best spot. There are a few factors that make up the good fishing spots at Kosi.

I have recently acquired a map of the good fishing spots and how to find them. This is from the same people that brought you Kings of Kosi.


I am just not sure how I want to share this with the world. If you think this would be of interest to you please leave a comment.

The Map in the picture is a very blurred version and the numbers have been marked off. The original is a scanned pdf version of the original. It is awesome to see it in its glory. I remember my Mom catching her huge Rock Salmom at the one spot. I just could not get over how big the fish was.

Action on the Boat

Time Lapse of what goes on in the boat.

Fishing Trip to Charters Creek

At the end of June beginning of July 2014 we had a family holiday at Makakatana, my mission was to do some fishing, bait, lure and Fly fishing. It has been many years since I have been to St Lucia Lake for some fishing and a lot has changed. We arrived and the weather was very warm. We had already been in Durban for the week so it was not a shock to the system. Just hard to imagine being in shorts and t-shirts after the freezing cold in JHB. There is a short road down to the lake edge from the house, this comes out in the Makakatana bay. We are not allowed any more to launch from this place but I can also see why. With the lake not having water for many years the grass had grown and the wind had blown the sand up between the point of the bay and Mitchell’s Island. With the water coming back this is now just full of reeds and grass. So it has formed a barrier to get access to the main lake from Makakatana bay. It would be a very interesting place to explore with a fishing SUP. I do worry about the crocodiles, I think you might also get into trouble.

The fishing was very relaxed. You are not allowed on the lake at night. The gate opens at charters at 6 am and closes 6pm. Gone are the days of night fishing for the big salmon. You are also not allowed to keep the salmon. It is catch and release for salmon. You are allowed to keep other species as long as you stick to bag limits and catch sizes. So we got to the charters creek launch site just after 9 and finished fishing between 12am and 1pm every day. It costs you R10 to launch the boat and often we where the only people to launch the boat. The gate entrance is run by SANParks¬†EKZNwildlife inside iSimangaliso Wetland Park. The gate entrance is very run down with big holes in the thatch. You are no longer allowed to stay at Charters Creek or Eastern shores. Very sad to see this once amazing part of the lake going to ruin. The office where you could get bait and curious is all locked up and the thatch is also full of holes and the stuff inside covered in dust. The launch site is still in good shape with toilets. The jetty is still there and a great place to fish if you don’t have a boat. I believe there was a big crocodile that would stay behind the fish cleaning spot and it sound like the one that was there from many years ago. It has been relocated. Lets see how long it takes for him to come back.

The North Easter wind blew the whole time we where there and the water temp was 18 degrees. I would love to come back in the warmer months. The lake is very alive with fish, birds and animals, the seagulls still come and see if they can get some scraps from you. I also managed to get the fish eagle to come and take a nondi that I had thrown out for it. We saw buffalo at the lake edge grazing.

I made up a hand-line for the kids as this is fun and quick way to see what is biting. It could be some live bait for a big salmon. The kids and myself managed to catch some glassies. They where the biggest glassies I have ever seen. I also had some chum out the side of the boat and I could see lots of swirls out the back of the boat. It was very exciting to see so much life and action in the water. I did try throw a fly but had no takes. Due to the wind blowing non stop the water was not very clean. You still need to look for the water that is not chocolate but rather a weak tea colour with a drop of milk, maybe earl grey. We fished on anchor as I do not enjoy drifting, I have been told and shown that drifting works very well. My lines get so twisted I don’t want to even go there. There is a spot just South of the launch site that has some scattered rocks. There is a pole marking the rocks, we anchored around this spot just not to close, as the rocks will keep cutting you off. We did get hocked up a few times on the rocks and I had to replace some traces. We managed to catch a few size grunter for the braai. They where very yummy. The kids had lots of fun catching nondies. On one trip my dad took us up to Fanieseiland which is about a 14km boat ride. My son enjoyed it a lot as he just wants to go fast in the boat. It is surreal to see fanieseiland as it also was once an awesome campsite and huts for people to stay in. There is a hut on stilts in the water abandon and run down, I could live there. The Campsite is right on the waters edge and I can just imagine the fishing would be awesome and lots of fun. We did not catch anything size here but again lots of action in the water with the chum. I did manage to catch a mullet on light tackle that my dad put out live. He had no luck and we let it go when we finished fishing.

Cuba in front of a Spotted Grunter about to get cleaned for the braai

We did do a trip to eastern shores and found some clean water in the sand. We had lots of action here but all undersize grunter. The wind was screaming and made it very uncomfortable for fishing. I did do some drop shot and popper fishing but had no luck. The handline was snapped off, I can only thing it was a grunter as we where in very shallow water and we did have a lot of hook ups of them. I did see a big garfish make a jump at the back of the boat in the chum.

Very sad heart to see the run down places but I assume it is a park and they want to make it go back to nature. I think it would be a good idea to just break the places down, then let them slowly decay.

In closing I am very excited to see that the lake is full of water and it has lots of fish in it. I feel in summer it will be a awesome fishing destination. I am sure the fly and lure fishing will be lots of fun then.

Pear core and Fish

We are here a Makakatana doing some fishing.  After eating a pear I threw the core overboard. I noticed that there were some fish around the core.  Lucky this time Theresa had her camera with her and managed to get some very close ups. I think it might be big glassies. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Fishingski fishing for tuna off umhlanga barge -June 18th 2014

Thanks to Guy Logan for the Video. I will be umhlanga next week and I hope there will be something still around. It will be great to dust off my fishingski and put some fish in the hatch. Fishingski fishing for tuna off umhlanga barge is such fun. I like the hatch space of the pinnacle elite.

Velddrif Bergrivier 1 Feb 2014

Ronel en Barend op hulle eerste kayak trip op die Bergrivier by Velddrif, nog baie groen en bsig om te leer hoe alles werk.

Fishing Lake St Lucia

In my youth we would go on fishing holidays to Lake St Lucia. I was very lucky that my grand parents had a place at the lake. It is called Makakatana bay. In the beginning my Oupa the late Lionel Gunter had a boat and we would go with him fishing, my Goco the late Patty Gunter would also join us . I remember him striking so hard once that he hit me on the head. I was sitting behind him. He was from the colonial days. so we had a gillie on the boat and the gillie would bait up my grandfathers hooks and gaff the fish and do all that sort off stuff. My grandfather would pre make up his traces with bait on them, then freeze them. My grandfather would catch a fish, the gillie would gaff the fish a put it in the sack, unclip the trace and clip on a fresh bait, my grandfather would then cast out again. It was fun and I learnt a lot from my grandfather. I do miss him.

I have not been to Lake St Lucia for may years. It had dried up for a while, but now the water is back. I am going there at the end of June (2014) for a week and I am super excited. I do believe you are not allowed to keep the Salmon you catch. I am keen to try some drop shot and my daughter is rather keen on fly fishing so lets see what happens. My parents, Family members have been and the catch reports have been good. This does bring back memories of my fishing days at Lake St Lucia so I am writing some posts from the old days.