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Fishing rod sleeves for tangle free fishing rods

Fishing rod sleevesI did do a post about rod socks and I was very excited about them so I decided to make my own fishing rod sleeves. I went on a mission to the material shop and after looking around I found some rip stop material. It is the same stuff they use to make dry macs, kites and a few other things I am sure. The rip stop does come in a few colours and next time I am going to get all the colours. The material is very smooth so the fishing rods slide into the sleeves fast and easy. My first few where not that well sewn but after some direction from my wife I have made them awesome and I have a little extra I want to add to the next batch. I recently took them for a test drive. My son and I went bass fishing and the rods where in the back of the car. Normally what happens when the rods are all bunched up they will get tangled with each other. The line will twist around an eye plus you can’t see which way it is twisted and it is just frustrating to untangle a simple mess. With the rod sleeves I had no such issue, the rods when into the car and came out the car untangled. It was great and I am in love. My next mission will be to test them in my fishingski hatch. That one is normally a very scary mess.

I have made them for 6’6” and 7’ fishing rods. If this is something you would be interested in let me know or post in the comments below. I am also doing some market research and am very interested to know how much you would be willing to pay for fishing rod sleeves.

If you want to win 3 fishing rod sleeves, either for 6’6” or 7’ fishing rods or a combo. Just subscribe to my blog (top right area) I will then do a random draw on the 28th of Feb 2014 and contact you for your shipping address.

With these rod socks it is easy to get any rod out the hatch tangle free

Rudolph Venter is  the Gauteng distributor of rod socks and sells them for R50 per sock (postage excluded). The rod socks are available in 7ft spinning and 6.6 as well as 7ft bait-casting socks. You can’t order specific colour socks as they vary from order to order.

Rudolph’s words. So far I am personally very satisfied with these rod socks as it is easy for me to get any rod out the hatch without any trouble whatsoever.

Anyone interested can email me their order and I will add it to my existing order, as I order the socks in batches.
Once I receive a mail for an order I will send my banking details over and sort out delivery.

Rudolph’s email addresss is

Check out some pictures of the Rod Socks

Rod holder Belt for SUP board

Rod holder Belt for SUP board, well any situation where you need more then 2 hands. This idea started a while ago, I was fishing in PE on the banks of the river. I like to carry 2 rods with me, so the problem is where do I keep the other rod. Well I stuck it in my pants, it worked sort of. Besides it not looking good the rod also tended to fall over to one side. So this was the seed for my idea and I knew it was out there.

I recently got myself a stand-up paddle board. Yes it is one for fishing and has rod holders on it but I find them not in an ideal position. I would leave my rod on the deck while I paddled. Sometimes the rod would be a little over the edge of the boat and get caught on the reeds as I passed by, almost breaking the rod. So this was starting to get a bit frustrating. One day on the net I saw a good idea. It was a rod holder on a plastic sheet with a belt to attach around your waist. I new I could make one but needed time to think through the prototype.

Well I was in luck, somebody threw out a massive sign that was made out of black plastic. I took it home and cut myself a piece off, I still have so much more but fear not I will find uses for it. I got some pvc pipe and cut it to the right size to fit on the plastic sheet. I used a heat gun to give the top of the pipe a bit of a wider gap and create a flat edge. The flat edge was so that I glue it onto the plastic sheet. I added 2 cable ties just to give it extra strength. I used an angle grinder to cut the slot in the rod holder part to keep the reel from moving around. I also used it to make the slots in the plastic for the belt. I had some spare belt material from another project so I sowed it onto the slots and attached a clip for quick release.

This would also be great out at sea on a paddle board if you want to try trolling.



Mobile Fly tying desk

Over the weekend I made myself a Mobile Fly tying desk. I can now tie flies no matter where I am. There is just 2 things still to do on it. Stain it and attach some foam on it so I can put rest some hooks on it. I must say I am rather chuffed with it and look forward to tying many flies. It was make with some wood lying round and an awesome workshop fulled with all the right tools. Thanks to my father-in-law.

See the pictures below.


Vac-Rac is Transport for Rigged Fishing Rods

vac-rac-on-carIf you are like me I hate taking apart my fishing rods. It feels like such a waste of time. The other problem is keeping the fishing rods in the car and they take up the whole one side of my car, the poor passenger. Well the Vac-Rac solves both problems. The Vac-Rac is Transport for Rigged Fishing Rods and it sits outside your car so it takes up no space.

Fishing rod car racks, safe, secure transport for rigged fishing rods. For all types of rods: Fly Fishing, Bass and Deep Sea.

Fishing Encounters is selling this product: Prices do not include delivery, I will quote you on that.

New Quad Vac-Rac: R1010.00

Holds up to 4 rods. Double suction vacuum. New pillar bracket for extra reel clearance. Fits all vehicles (Aluminium, Steel, Plastic)

Standard Vacuum Rack: R955.00

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The Original Vacuum Rod Rack. Holds up to 4 rods. In continuous production since 1990

Locking Vacuum Rack: R950.00

Non Magnetic. Anti Tamper Dome. Lever is removable. Fits all vehicles (Aluminium, Steel, Plastic)

Professional Vacuum Rack (Pro Standard): R1530.00

2 Std racks joined together. Anti Tamper dome. Lever is removable. Holds up to 8 rods. Fits all vehicles(Aluminium, Steel, Plastic).

Please contact me if you are interested via email having issues with this email rather use or cell 08368189281 or fill in the form below and I will get back to you.


Alvey Reels

One of me top reels on my fishingski (kayak) is a alvey. It is a very simple reel which is ideal for the salt water conditions. It is like a fly reel but only bigger and more simple. In the center is has a tension knob and you can activate a ratchet sound. I use this reel when I am trolling and bottom fishing. The big thing for me is that I feel connected to the fish and I have control of how much tension I put on the line. It also is simple so no parts that are going to rust and seize up, I can remove the spool and add some grease now and again and it just keeps working and working. I did have a funny thing happen once when I was fighting a fish. The handle unscrewed in my hand so suddenly the fish had freedom 🙂


More of what I have on my fishingski (kayak) and the tackle I use in posts to come.


A small selection of lures I have, some have been used and now are

retired. Some have been lost to some fish. I still have a few, and I
also now have a few more.

I find it is hard to go into a fishing shop and not leave with some
new shiny lure. I often wonder if they make lures to catch fisherman?
We dream of all the fish we are going to catch with the lure and get
all excited and make that purchase. Anyway that is all part of the fun
of fishing, dreaming of that most amazing place and the big fish that
are there waiting for us to catch them.