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Portable fishfinder update

I went on a bit of a mission over the weekend to make this portable fishfinder suction mount with a GPS on the side. I first modified my fishingski hatch to open forwards. It used to open on the side. I then also covered the  lid with black perspex ( Or some sort of signage plastic, they joys of working at rent a store you find some interesting things in the waste skip). A while ago I added a suction mount to my fishfinder. I made a suction mount for the gps but thought that is a waste. Lets just make one suction mount. So this was the final product below in the video.

Portable fishfinder Suction mount with a GPS on the side.

In this link is still my mount for the transducer and battery. I am thinking about getting a smaller battery so will change the battery box to make portable fishfinder more portable.

Ostrap competition time

I have been given a Ostrap that I would like to give you!

So how does this work?
1.On the right of the site, subscribe to blog via email. Do that. This will give you an entry into the draw. One of my kids will pull your name out of a hat on the 31st of October 2014. If you already have subscribed well you are in the draw.

2. Due to the fact that the post office is having a strike we need to be creative in how I am going to get this Ostrap Paracord bracelet to you. So for now my thinking is that we will need to ask our mates on facebook, email or whatsapp if they are going to your part of the world from the JHB area. I will then make a plan to get the strap to them and they can make a plan to get it to you.
3. So after the draw I will contact you and we can find out where you are and then make the next part of the plan from there.

This is my Ostrap review

I have not worn things on my wrists for many years. If I need the time I check my phone or look at the computer. Ross got hold of me and suggested I review his para cord straps. Who does not like some goodies to test. My first challenge was getting the stuff in the post. The post office was having a strike, they could still be having one. The next challenge is using the ostrap for something. I can think of a few applications but I have not been hunting and fishing for a long time. I did think I could use it on my fishingski. Well the fishingski currently been fixed and I have not caught any big fish in a long time that I would need to tie down on my deck.

So I have a test that I am going to do when the weather warms up and the fish start biting, I will share it on my blog so sign up if you don’t want to miss out. I have given my word and I am excited to give it the Bear Grills treatment in the future.

I am very impressed with the workmanship of the ostrap and I do like the manly look it gives me. I have no doubt that I will find a moment when I need some extra para cord to do some task and I look forward to using it.

Fish Length to Weight Calc

Don’t have a scale and just hooked into the big one? no worries, Fish Length To Weight Calc allows you to calculate the weight of a fish by simply entering it’s length! Over 270 Saltwater species from predominantly around South Africa as well as a range of species that roam our oceans such as Barracuda, Sharks, Marlin, and many others.
This App encourages you to safely measure the length of a Fish, and thereby avoiding any injury or harm to the fish. This applies especially to ‘Catch and Release’ to preserve the health of our fish stocks.

You can also share the details of your catch with your friends and fellow anglers on many of the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, BBM, Whatsapp, Twitter and any other Social network of choice!

Fish Length To Weight is one of the most accurate calculators currently available.

Ball Joint

I decided to make a ball joint. I needed a way to attach my gadgets to the suction mount. I managed to buy the suction mount from I must say I am super impressed with them and they are a lot cheaper than other suction mounts and I can attach whatever I want to them if I make the correct fitting.

So the first video is showing you my uses for the ball joint

The second video explains the process of making the ball joint. I have shared this on the Sealine Forum and got some great suggestions on a correct drill to use to do the counter sink.

Head strap for my action camera

I have made a few attachments for my otek action camera. I see it also goes by the name of pqi aircam. On my fishing trip with Cuba I could see that I needed something that was hands free. The head cam looked like a very good option. I had a old headlamp at home so I used some parts from that. The elastic that goes around the head is just the stuff used in pants or undies.

So here is some test footage below, that I am very happy with. I am thinking that it might just need to go down a fraction as I would like to see my hands more. I will do more testing.  For round one I am excited.

OTEK Sportz

I got my hands on a OTEK Sportz camera through the daddys deals website. It was a good bargain compared to the GOPRO. I am not sure who imports them for now. The camera has been lots of fun. I have managed to shoot a lot of video and having a blast with the time lapse setting. I have uploaded a bit of footage to my youtube channel, feel free to subscribe. Now my next mission is to get some fishingski footage. I am hoping to do that soon. The one thing that is lacking is the amount of attachments for the camera. Lucky I am rather resourceful and I have made a few attachments, check my gallery below. I am going to be making a few more accessories as I see what my needs are. So if you have one of these  OTEK Sports cameras and need some extra fittings just let me know and I will see what I can do. The guys from action gear where also super helpful gave me a universal accessory that I needed.


Rod holder Belt for SUP board

Rod holder Belt for SUP board, well any situation where you need more then 2 hands. This idea started a while ago, I was fishing in PE on the banks of the river. I like to carry 2 rods with me, so the problem is where do I keep the other rod. Well I stuck it in my pants, it worked sort of. Besides it not looking good the rod also tended to fall over to one side. So this was the seed for my idea and I knew it was out there.

I recently got myself a stand-up paddle board. Yes it is one for fishing and has rod holders on it but I find them not in an ideal position. I would leave my rod on the deck while I paddled. Sometimes the rod would be a little over the edge of the boat and get caught on the reeds as I passed by, almost breaking the rod. So this was starting to get a bit frustrating. One day on the net I saw a good idea. It was a rod holder on a plastic sheet with a belt to attach around your waist. I new I could make one but needed time to think through the prototype.

Well I was in luck, somebody threw out a massive sign that was made out of black plastic. I took it home and cut myself a piece off, I still have so much more but fear not I will find uses for it. I got some pvc pipe and cut it to the right size to fit on the plastic sheet. I used a heat gun to give the top of the pipe a bit of a wider gap and create a flat edge. The flat edge was so that I glue it onto the plastic sheet. I added 2 cable ties just to give it extra strength. I used an angle grinder to cut the slot in the rod holder part to keep the reel from moving around. I also used it to make the slots in the plastic for the belt. I had some spare belt material from another project so I sowed it onto the slots and attached a clip for quick release.

This would also be great out at sea on a paddle board if you want to try trolling.