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WaveJet – Personal Water Propulsion System

Fishing just got more fun

The WaveJet allows you to navigate waters hands-free. Giving you freedom to do more fishing and less paddling.

So who is the importer in South Africa or who is making something like this here.

SUP Fly Fishing

Join Devin Maggio for a tranquil day of fishing on his stand up paddle board in Siesta Keys, Florida.  Gotta to do this SUP Fly Fishing when summer comes.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from

Fishing From A SUP: My Top 5 Reasons To Try It

1. SUP’s are lighter and easy to transport than a kayak or a fishingski.

Even though I carry my fishing ski by myself I still use a little trolly system. With the fishing sup I can carry it no problem by myself so loading and off loading it from the car is no issue.

2. Fly fisherman can cast in the traditional way, while fishing from a SUP.

Think of a sup as an island that you can move around. Also you don’t have to worry about what trees are on your back cast. I do a lot of bass fishing and a lot of the time I am casting from the deep water back to the structure. So I don’t have to worry about getting hooked up on trees behind me

3. Sight fishing from a SUP is awesome.

I have snuck up on so many fish. With the sup you need to keep your eyes open for any kinds of movement in the water and ripples on the surface. There is this island at golden harvest dam and it has a lot of fallen trees around it. There where huge carp just hiding in the fallen trees. I was fishing for bass so did not have the correct tackle with me but that would have been a awesome fishing experience.

4. You can bring along a cooler box when fishing from a SUP.

Sometimes you need to sit down after a long stand up fishing session. With a sup you can strap down a cooler box with your food and drinks in it. So when you need that rest you can do it in style.

5. Fishing SUPs are a very stable platform to fish from.

I have had all my 3 kids on my sup but what I often do is just take Cuba with me. He does his own thing on the SUP and we have never had a problem.

6. Here is a bonus reason. SUP fishing is great exercise.

I see people do yoga from there SUPs. I must say I have not taken it that far yet. But I can feel that after a fishing session on the sup I feel great and it was worked my body. Never mind that I am out in nature.

Fishing from a sup is lots of fun. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a demo session on a fishing sup.

Grunter on fly from Supfisher

Ian from the Fishing Sup fame has done us a quick video of him catching a Grunter on Fly. He tells me he is going to do a full story on the process on how to catch grunter on fly. I am super excited for that. In the meantime check out his video.

SUP Fishing Crate

I needed something to keep my fishing tackle in on my fishing sup. My father-in-law has a few crates laying around. So I made myself a SUP Fishing Crate. The crate already had a bit of the side removed and this is perfect to get your stuff out without having to lift the lid. I made the seat from a bit of scrap wood and it is really great to have a seat on the fishing sup. Initially I had all the rod holders inside the crate and facing straight up. After a few sessions I found the rods straight up not ideal. So I move them to the outside of the box and put them at a slight angle. The rod holders are made with PVC pipe and attached using cable ties. I use bungie cords to keep the crate attached to the fishing sup.

Here are some pictures of a diy SUP Fishing Crate.

Bass fishing on a sup (stand up paddle board)

Cuba and I managed to go bass fishing the other day. I had done some research on some bass dams in the midrand area that I wanted to check out. Research means looking on google earth marking the dams and seeing how to get there. The mission was to go Bass fishing on my sup.

So the day came and I loaded the fishing sup on the car and all the tackle. We had water and food. I had also made a cool thing to attach my camera on to get some footage from a little further away. I had my head strap also. I did manage to get some interesting footage that I need to edit and upload to youtube.

I found a dam and it looked very promising. The other dam was in the midstream estate and the guys on sealine forum said it was very cool. It was when I checked it out but I could not use my fishing sup. So we just walked around and Cuba ran around on the golf course for a bit. The first dam was on private property and the security guard would not let us in. I will be going back to the Midstream dam without all the equipment and just a fly rod.

So in the end I decide to go the the dam below Stoke City. I went my normal route only to find that the road below the dam wall had been washed away and it was impassable. So again I felt like we where being blocked to go Bass fishing on my sup. I decide that I will find the other way round to get to the dam. Nothing like an adventure and I found the other road to get to the dam. So I got the fishing sup offloaded and all the goodies attached. Cuba and I fished the dam from one end to the other but not a single bite. I am blaming the heavy rain for doing something to the bass. So it is back to google earth and l am going to find some new dams to go Bass fishing on a sup.

Sup Fisher a stand up paddle board for fishing

Very exciting. So glad there is now a South African product. The Sup Fisher a stand up paddle board for fishing

A brilliant first for African fishing. The SUP Fisher is ideal for fishing our rivers, lakes and estuaries and for those more adventurous souls, the ocean. Designed specifically to suit persons that prefer the advantage of sight fishing. It is a prefect boat to get into all the nookes and crannies of that farm dam where the big bass hide. This craft is suitable for all fishermen types and their styles of fishing. Lets not forget that awesome place called Mozambique with its most amazing coast line.

SUP Fisher is easy to carry by yourself, easily loaded onto roof racks or trailers for transport. It has two built in rod holders, front and back, and a built in fish/gear hatch. Sturdy traction foam pads on decking for maximum movement, you can sit, kneel or stand and even put a cooler box on the deck to double up as cooler and seat.

The board sells for R6500.00 and  a standard paddle R495.00, the transport to JHB is about R250. Will get a final quote if you are interested. Should you be interested please contact me.