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Fishing From A SUP: My Top 5 Reasons To Try It

1. SUP’s are lighter and easy to transport than a kayak or a fishingski.

Even though I carry my fishing ski by myself I still use a little trolly system. With the fishing sup I can carry it no problem by myself so loading and off loading it from the car is no issue.

2. Fly fisherman can cast in the traditional way, while fishing from a SUP.

Think of a sup as an island that you can move around. Also you don’t have to worry about what trees are on your back cast. I do a lot of bass fishing and a lot of the time I am casting from the deep water back to the structure. So I don’t have to worry about getting hooked up on trees behind me

3. Sight fishing from a SUP is awesome.

I have snuck up on so many fish. With the sup you need to keep your eyes open for any kinds of movement in the water and ripples on the surface. There is this island at golden harvest dam and it has a lot of fallen trees around it. There where huge carp just hiding in the fallen trees. I was fishing for bass so did not have the correct tackle with me but that would have been a awesome fishing experience.

4. You can bring along a cooler box when fishing from a SUP.

Sometimes you need to sit down after a long stand up fishing session. With a sup you can strap down a cooler box with your food and drinks in it. So when you need that rest you can do it in style.

5. Fishing SUPs are a very stable platform to fish from.

I have had all my 3 kids on my sup but what I often do is just take Cuba with me. He does his own thing on the SUP and we have never had a problem.

6. Here is a bonus reason. SUP fishing is great exercise.

I see people do yoga from there SUPs. I must say I have not taken it that far yet. But I can feel that after a fishing session on the sup I feel great and it was worked my body. Never mind that I am out in nature.

Fishing from a sup is lots of fun. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a demo session on a fishing sup.

KcKayak Fishing Kayak

I am a bit of a kayak nut. I don't own any but I just love them. I do have a fishingski and it is similar to a kayak but made out of fiberglass and not plastic.

I tend to spend a bit of time surfing the net looking at youtube videos of people fishing of kayaks and showing you how they kit them out. It does make me daydream a lot. 

So today I came across this kayak. I am super impressed. The innovation is very clever. 2 things that stuck out for me is. 1) the seat can be flipped over. So you can either sit low or high. You can stand on it so perfect for that bass fishing when you need some extra height to get into those structures. 2) The KcKayak stacks like crates so you can load one on top of the other on your vehicle. That is very cool.

Here is a bit more from the site. 

Our custom fishing kayaks offers a unique hull design providing anglers with the most stable and comfortable experience possible on the water. Anglers have the option of easily fishing from either a sitting or standing position. The K12 is the first kayak to offer anglers the ability to sit in the traditional low position, or reverse the seat and sit up high. This provides the best experience for all types of fishing including fly fishing and marsh fishing. The open deck makes moving freely around the craft a breeze. Large tank wells at the bow and stern provide plenty of storage space for all your gear. KC Kayaks come standard with flush mount rod holders, dry storage hatch, and a seat. Our unique track system means your KC Kayak can easily be outfitted to suit your needs with plenty of space for mounting a GPS, extra rod holders, and other kayaking accessories. 

stealth kayak

This is a piece about what I do for a living and my freelance job. It is also a sales pitch for . My day job I work as a virtual branch manager for, well that was the title I have been given. What I really do is update the website, add and remove stock. I also do a bit of online marketing and I am about to start some banner advertising. We have a few companies under the hypergroup umbrella and I have also started developing their websites.

My freelance job is which has been around for about  9 years. Here I build, host, market, websites. I do training so that people can run their own websites and I am involved in Social media. I have a few other projects that provide a bit of income now and again. I sell the Hunterski and the Surfa online (not the best product for online sales). The other thing I sell is a Makooker it is a great idea and works like a charm. Check out the website for more details. I also run a few blogs, some with other people and some on my own. I have 2 that are collaboration and I do fishing encounters because I love fishing. So now that you know a little bit more about what I do let me explain what I have done.

In my job domains are hot property. A lot of people don't realise the value of a domain, especially when you add a website to that domain. I have been doing some research and found that the domain is available. So I have bought it. I am thinking of 2 things here. If anybody that sells Stealth Kayaks might be interested in the domain lets talk . In the meantime I am going to build a site and see if I can come up tops of the search engines. The nice thing is that the name "stealth kayak" gets about 1600 searches a month. Stealth do make great products.

Call me when in need here in Mozambique

I am based in Maputo – Mozambique.
For many years now I have been On Stand By for many Anglers visiting Mozambique – In that I will sort any trouble they have with the Transit Police and Regular Police.
Many travelers have my direct cell number and when any Police stop them – they would call me and I will sort all via the phone and they would be on there way without having to PAY ANY BRIBE.

I would like to post a open invite to all fishermen to take my cell number – store it on there cell phones and call me when in need here in Mozambique – I do offer to help with all Maputo safety Inspections when boats gets launched in the Maputo Bay and visit Inhaca Island – I do all this AT NO CHARGE what so ever.

I am a third generation Carvalho in Mozambique and would just like all visitors to my Paradise Country to have a great time – it is a FACT that the Police in Mozambique TARGET South African visitors and force them to pay Bribes – especially when visitors tow a boat.

So that is my offer of help

Best regards
Carlos "Tsutsuma"

Tiger fishing

I have done a very little bit of tiger fishing in my time. Once when I was a kid and we went to Lake Kariba and stayed on a houseboat. That was fun. Part of that tour we went to Mana Pools, I think I also almost caught a croc and could have been taken out by one. Was a bit clueless as we where fishing from the side and the next thing a croc appears. We all did a serious back jump. I have also fished above Vic falls and below. The below is where you go down by the old Vic Hotel. We also started our white water rafting from that spot. I have been twice to Chirundu, that was an amazing experience and we caught some 8kg tigers there. It was great as I also started playing with lures as I got bored of just drifting with bait. When that tiger hits the lure it is something else. The power and speed catches me ever time. We lost many as I was a bit clueless on how to get a hookup.


The other place I have fished was lake Jozini. My father, brother in-law and I did the annual Jozini tiger fishing comp. It was a blast but the fishing was not great. I need to make a mission to go there again. We ending up drifting in the clean water and casting spoons, it was fun to see the tigers racing after the spoon.


I was checking out facebook updates and that is what has got me excited about tiger fishing. Here is their facebook page


The Milkcrate

I am in love with this sport and it touches my heart when I find a site like this. To take to the words from their site because I could not explain it any better.

"The Milkcrate is a celebration of the people who define and grow the culture and lifestyle of kayak angling.  Through interviews, photographs, and editorials, this project documents the ideals and motivations of a group bonded by a sport that, while still in its beginning stages, is heavy in self-defined growth.

Like the plastic boxes affixed to so many fish-bound kayaks, The Milkcrate is a gathering place for many of the details integral to the sport.  Here you will find a community of artists, professionals, craftsmen, and anglers coming together to tell the stories of how and why they pursue a life touched by water and nature."

Go and have a good read on their site and be inspired.

Hunterski is Alive

Just got a newsletter from Brian from

Hello Paddling Friends,

My long silence has not been as a result of me fishing at every opportunity, but rather because of the blood sweat and tears we have been putting in to become one of the worlds leading plastic kayak manufacturers. I am happy to say that we have reached, if not passed all possible expectations by the quality we have reached in such a short space of time.

We now manufacture a range of 8 kayaks, enabling us to build the perfect kayak for you. From a small kiddies kayak up to a double, as well as the 2 dedicated fishing kayaks, the Hunter Ski and the Fluid Bamba. Let me know if I can furnish you a quote on the kayak best suited to your purpose.

If I have learnt anything in the last 5 months, its that the Hunter Ski still fills a very large gap in the available range of fishing kayaks in South Africa. There are features that other kayaks have that make them more suitable for certain functions, but as an all-round light tackle fishermans kayak, the Hunter Ski is unmatched! Some paddlers are looking for performance and weight, but the more practical are looking for comfort and durability. The Hunter Ski is still the best value for money fishing platform on the market.

We are running an unbelievable winter special on the Hunter Ski kayak, with prices as close to costs as we can get. So drop me a mail on (please let him know I sent you ) and I'll get you on the water before you can say "Fish".

I am based 60km South of Durban now, and the fishing on this coastline can be brilliant. We are expecting the "Sliver Tide"(Sard Run) to arrive any moment now. Please let me know if you are ever in this area and I will try to get you into some saltwater fish off the kayak.

Tight Lines!

Bass Fishing on the weekend

I went bass fishing this weekend "twice" managed to catch a few bass. I was battling to get hookup with the bottom fly. The top fly was the winner in the end. The 2nd day it had rained the night before and the bass where just not operating. I caught nothing and the others managed to get 3 bass between them. The interesting thing is they where using a pink worm.

Winter is closing in fast not sure if there are many fishing days left.