Fishing at Gonubie East London

Recently I went on holiday to Gonubie East London. The place looked very awesome when we arrived. There is a very protected bay with little to no waves by the rocks on the right had side. To the left of the bay is a river mouth that runs along some rocks. Further up river within walking distance you get some cliffs going straight into the water. It was picture perfect as a fishing spot. You get the normal sand bars in the river and the deep gullies. With the sand bars being exposed at low tide.

I did a few sessions of drop shot fishing in the mouth and a little up the river. Very near the mouth something took a bite out my drop shot. My mates think it might have been a puffer fish. They say they had the same problem and ended up catching one and seeing the teeth configuration. I also threw poppers and spoons from the rocks into the bay, it looked like straight into the open sea. I did have a small chase on a popper but did not get to see what it was.

When we got there the red tide was around so I suspect that messed up the fishing a lot. I did pop in at the local tackle shop and chatted about the fishing and she told it had died after Feb. I still bought some drop shot paddle tails. A few days later I spoke to my cousin from East London and got some advice on how to fish the drop shots. I did try this and still had no luck. I get the feeling the fish where not around.

I also had a rubber duck type boat with an electric motor. So we plied the whole family in and headed up river. I did some trolling and casting while we where on the move. I saw a tailing grunter but was in the middle of getting my tackle ready so did not have a go at it. No luck with the fish but it was a fun outing with the family. Very cool to be chilling out on the water. The motor did catch my kids, they where expecting it to make a big noise.

So all in all it was not a fishing trip 🙁 better luck next time.

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