Fishing line

This Monday morning my wife and I were walking along the beach at the mouth of the Illovo River in Kwazulu-Natal when we noticed something white lying on the sand. What we found was very sad, as it was a beautiful sea gull that had died as a result of getting fishing line tangles around it’s legs and I suspect that it was therefore unable to take off and either drowned at sea or starved to death.

We often pick up fishing line discarded by fishermen who do not have any regard for the environment, the animals and birds or for other people who use the beaches.
Please Everyone who uses the beaches, pick up any fishing line or other rubbish left behind by these unscrupulous IDIOTS and place these items in the nearest waste bin.

It dose not matter if it’s not your waste, do it for the birds and animals, even for the children as sometimes the line has old rusty hooks in it.

Thank You
Roger and Hester Gurr

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