Fishing rod sleeves for tangle free fishing rods

Fishing rod sleevesI did do a post about rod socks and I was very excited about them so I decided to make my own fishing rod sleeves. I went on a mission to the material shop and after looking around I found some rip stop material. It is the same stuff they use to make dry macs, kites and a few other things I am sure. The rip stop does come in a few colours and next time I am going to get all the colours. The material is very smooth so the fishing rods slide into the sleeves fast and easy. My first few where not that well sewn but after some direction from my wife I have made them awesome and I have a little extra I want to add to the next batch. I recently took them for a test drive. My son and I went bass fishing and the rods where in the back of the car. Normally what happens when the rods are all bunched up they will get tangled with each other. The line will twist around an eye plus you can’t see which way it is twisted and it is just frustrating to untangle a simple mess. With the rod sleeves I had no such issue, the rods when into the car and came out the car untangled. It was great and I am in love. My next mission will be to test them in my fishingski hatch. That one is normally a very scary mess.

I have made them for 6’6” and 7’ fishing rods. If this is something you would be interested in let me know or post in the comments below. I am also doing some market research and am very interested to know how much you would be willing to pay for fishing rod sleeves.

If you want to win 3 fishing rod sleeves, either for 6’6” or 7’ fishing rods or a combo. Just subscribe to my blog (top right area) I will then do a random draw on the 28th of Feb 2014 and contact you for your shipping address.

7 thoughts on “Fishing rod sleeves for tangle free fishing rods”

  1. Hey Dorian, thanks. You do need to subscribe to the blog to be in the draw 🙂

    My kids have asked how I am going to do the draw. I am not 100% sure yet but I will video it.

  2. Hi Lantz. Rod socks look great. Is the sleeve attachment a stretch type cord? No idea on price , maybe R60 each. What do existing sleeves from suppliers cost? Hope you get orders for hundreds

    1. Hello Roger

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes at the open end I have a bungee cord, that keeps the sleeve on your rod when you loop it on your reel handle. I will make a video of how it works. The winner of the comp will get an improved version. I am making them so that you can adjust the length of the bungee cord to accommodate different reels. I only know one other person and they sell them for R50 each.

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