Fishing Sodwana Bay

Fishing Sodwana Bay

Fishing Sodwana BaySo mid week in March 2017 we went to Sodwana Bay. I have not been here for a few years. It was awesome to be back fishing Sodwana Bay. The weather was perfect and the water was warm.  It was very sheltered in the bay area as the sea was rather big due to the hurricane off Madagascar . Walk the beach is the way I like to fish. So as you go through the gate you turn left and park in that parking pay. Take the left path over the dune to the beach and fish from there moving down the beach away from the bay.

All our fishing Sodwana Bay was done in the early morning and late afternoon. It was all lure fishing with a spoon type lure, I will  take a picture and post it. I  managed to catch a small king fish on the first cast and in total I caught about 5 fish. This was not a fishing trip but a  holiday for the whole family so I was very chilled with the fishing. My son even managed to do a few cast over the waves.

The kids also enjoyed it as they could run up and down the beach and when I was done fishing we all went and swam in the very warm sea. Win win for all.

You could even see the fish in the waves just before they broke on the beach. So good to see so much life still in the ocean.

The one time we did fish the bay was just before the dive boats started. We tried to do it again the next day but the ski boats had arrived so the fish where not around. The king fish where chasing the sprats. Check out the video below.

It was very exciting but frustrating as the kings where not interested in our lures. My daughter was right in the middle of a chase and some sprats even landed up on the beach. It was a first for her, unfortunately she did not catch any fish.  I did watch a fly fisherman catch a king and I also managed to catch a small king.

It was good to be back fishing Sodwana Bay in the surf and so good to see so much action. The fish are still around! Check out the pics below of some of the action. I was too busy fishing to take pictures.

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  1. Hi.I want to go fishing around kosibay st lucia or sodwana in the first or second week of August. Please help me with some tips regarding spots,wich bait to use and what tipe of fish i can catch that time of year.

    Regards Francois

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