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Fluid’s Range of Fishing Kayaks

Get out there with any one of Fluid’s fishing kayaks!

Fluid has taken three of their bestselling recreational kayaks and made them even more versatile by kitting them out as  Fishing Kayaks. You can now take the Buddy, Chumani and Synergy out onto the water, slot in a couple of rods and go hunt the big one.

For those looking for a pure fishing kayak we have the Bamba. The Bamba is just as versatile as it can be loaded up as a touring kayak too with the large amount of packing space it has. Tracking well on flat water and in the sea, the Bamba has great trawling speed too. Made from durable roto-moulded plastic the Fluid range of fishing kayaks not only get you out there they do so without the need for patching and repairs.

Save money: Fluid sells direct to end users, delivery included. Click to view the complete range of fishing kayaks and find one for you

2 thoughts on “Fluid’s Range of Fishing Kayaks”

  1. Speaking from a depth of experience, the fluid range of kayaks, except for the bamba, are a waste of time, for fishing. Not only are the kayaks not designed or suited for fishing, the manufacturer knows nothing about fishing. It is to fair on the end user to be told that they are receiving a fishing kayak because you have installed 2 rod holders. The end users specific fishing application needs to be analysed by the manufacturer and the kayak needs to be setup accordingly.

    The bamba is only good for paddlers over 120kg, other than that it is a sluggish kayak, that has lost the crucial element of having a hatch between the paddlers legs. This was the bamba’s main draw card, which has now been removed.

    Legend Kayaks roots are from fishing. I get a kick out of helping the end user get exactly the right kayak for their fishing application. If we do not manufacture the right kayak, I help source the correct kayak. It is my passion, and I want my clients to benefit from that.

    1. Hello Brian

      Thanks for the feedback. What is the basic cost of a Kraken? It looks like the ideal craft form some kayak diy enthusiast. I can just imagine all the goodies you could add to it. I see on your site you mention standing on it. So I assume you could use it as a sup. Check out the Kraken on Brian’s site


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