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I got a few bucks for my birthday and the first thing my wife asks me is am I going to buy some more hooks. I said I am not sure. Well I just watched a video for the Halco hammer and I must say I think I am going to buy me one of them. I am big into art lure fishing and cannot resist the casting into a swirling mass of fish on a feeding frenzy. The water is boiling as the big fish are attacking the bait fish and the birds are diving in a hope of getting some scraps. Often I get so besides myself I will end up with a bunch in my line or something will go wrong and I will miss the action. It is a helava job to stay calm and focus on what you are doing. When you cast and are busy retrieving that lure and you can see it skimming along the surface going through the mass of bait fish and the big fish come up and gulp it down. That is one huge rush. You get hooked and the reel starts screaming as the fish races off. You scream because you are just all part of the crazy excitement. Wow I am getting goose bumps just writing this.

With art lure and fishing it is not always like that. Often I will be casting because it looks like a spot that could have some fish in it. I do that a lot at Sodwana. I will walk up and down the beach and just cast over the waves. I feel that also has it own bit of excitement because you never know what will happen. I must say that 90% of the time I come up blank but that 10% is just so much better I keep coming back for more. I also think my imagination has a very large role to play in why I think fishing is so exciting. When I end up at a fishing shop and you see all the lures I just can't help myself and think about the fishing and what I might catch and how. But hey that is all part of it and I would not like to give it up and I hope to pass on that excitement to my kids. Until next time enjoy the fishing and your local tackle shop, I know I am.

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