KcKayak Fishing Kayak

I am a bit of a kayak nut. I don't own any but I just love them. I do have a fishingski and it is similar to a kayak but made out of fiberglass and not plastic.

I tend to spend a bit of time surfing the net looking at youtube videos of people fishing of kayaks and showing you how they kit them out. It does make me daydream a lot. 

So today I came across this kayak. I am super impressed. The innovation is very clever. 2 things that stuck out for me is. 1) the seat can be flipped over. So you can either sit low or high. You can stand on it so perfect for that bass fishing when you need some extra height to get into those structures. 2) The KcKayak stacks like crates so you can load one on top of the other on your vehicle. That is very cool.

Here is a bit more from the site. 

Our custom fishing kayaks offers a unique hull design providing anglers with the most stable and comfortable experience possible on the water. Anglers have the option of easily fishing from either a sitting or standing position. The K12 is the first kayak to offer anglers the ability to sit in the traditional low position, or reverse the seat and sit up high. This provides the best experience for all types of fishing including fly fishing and marsh fishing. The open deck makes moving freely around the craft a breeze. Large tank wells at the bow and stern provide plenty of storage space for all your gear. KC Kayaks come standard with flush mount rod holders, dry storage hatch, and a seat. Our unique track system means your KC Kayak can easily be outfitted to suit your needs with plenty of space for mounting a GPS, extra rod holders, and other kayaking accessories. 

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