2 thoughts on “Lionel Gunter 70lb”

  1. Can remember your parents so well Myrtle. Your Dad was such a gentle giant of a man and your Mum was lovely – always laughing. Remember with great fondness the weekends on the farm with you all.

  2. Dear Myrtle

    I trust that this comment finds you well and in good spirits.

    I enjoyed every last word written in your nostalgic article.

    Angling runs deep in my family an I consider myself to be an avid, but mostly unsuccessful fisherman.

    I regularly visit the Kosi Bay area. My friend, Neels Joubert, owns the Kosi Bay lodge.

    We have caught some natal stumpnose and grunter. To date I have not managed to tame the beast that you speak of in your article.

    From what you describe, fish were in abundance during the 50’s through to the 80’s.

    Sadly it seems as though the fish population has taken a beating in recent years.

    Nonetheless I am steadfast in my believe and hope that some day my bait will be swallowed by the beast.

    In the interim. kindly advise me whether you will be willing to share the famous fishing spots you speak of.

    Myself and my girlfriend are planning an excursion to Kosi Bay during the course of December 2015.

    I would therefore appreciate any input and advice.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ernest van Zyl
    (071 871 3891)

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