Lure Fishing in PE

Eva doing some dropshot
Eva doing some dropshot

I am currently in PE (Port Elizabeth) it is a working holiday. I am working and the rest of the family is on holiday. Which is rather awesome. I do get a bit jealous but I am very happy we can do this kind of thing. I did some questions on a Facebook  group and then I got hold of a cousin that lives in East London to let me know if there are any good spots. He got hold of a mate of his and I was told that Swartkops river is a good place. I also went to a local tackle shop and was told the same thing. So on Sunday afternoon we head off to Swartkops, when I say we I mean the whole family. It was a moment for me to fish and the others to walk on the beach. I must say it looks like a awesome place and I would love to come back with my fishing SUP and explore it a lot more.

The weather was cold and I threw lures but I had no luck. The water and the tide was perfect. I do realise I might be a bit late in the season but as the saying goes. If you  have a line in the water you increase your chances of catching a fish. But no luck on this day.

I managed to get a early day during the week, so I shot down to the mouth again with 2 of my kids. I tried a popper, drop shot and a spoon type lure but again luck. The weather was warmer and the sea looked amazing. The water is  lot colder then I am used to but you get used to it when you stand in it for a while. There was a guy fishing bait and I saw him pull out a Grunter. He told me he caught 2 before I came.  I even let Cuba (my 3 year old) do some reeling in. Eva did a few throws also.

I am super excited about Port Elizabeth Fishing and would love to come back and do some more fishing. Exploring the river really appeals to me.

The day we arrived after our 14 hour trip from JHB, we where driving along the beachfront highway going to my Sister in laws place, I saw birds diving and big splashes. It gets me all very excited and I would also love to come and fish here with my kayak.

I will be back.

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