Plastic Anchor for your Boat or Kayak

blue screwI was reading the Complete Fly Fisherman magazine and I saw these cool blue screws Plastic Anchor. When I was a kid we would once a year go to Kosi Bay for fishing. These would be ideal for anchoring the boat in the shallows. Well for that matter they would be ideal for keeping the tent from flapping away in the south wind. The more I think, the more comes open to where you could use this product. Imagine keeping your boat safe while you explore a dune in Mozambique. Strapping that shade net to the side of your car in the heat of the day while you have a beer and watch the kids playing in the dam.

I fish a lot from my fishingski and stand-up paddle board for bass. Often the water is not deep and I want to just stay in one place while I do a few casts. With the blue screw I can imagine this would be ideal. Having a blue screw plastic anchor I would no worry about having a metal anchor on my boat.

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