Plastic Kayak Benefits

Here are a few benefits of fishing off a kayak.

  • You get some exercise while being outdoors
  • Very quiet, you will be amazed at what fish you sneak up on. Often you will get a fright as they take off next to you.
  • You can fish and launch almost anywhere.
  • No big fuel expenses.
  • Cheaper then a full on fishing boat and you can get up and running rather quickly
  • No need for a skippers ticket
  • A plastic kayak is almost indestructible.
  • No parts that will rust and stop working.
  • Able to fish where no bank fisherman can fish.
  • Able to fish where bass boats can't get to.
  • No need to panic if you go over a few rocks, not like your fiberglass boat.

Please add your comments if you can think of anything else.

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