Rod holder Belt for SUP board

Rod holder Belt for SUP board, well any situation where you need more then 2 hands. This idea started a while ago, I was fishing in PE on the banks of the river. I like to carry 2 rods with me, so the problem is where do I keep the other rod. Well I stuck it in my pants, it worked sort of. Besides it not looking good the rod also tended to fall over to one side. So this was the seed for my idea and I knew it was out there.

I recently got myself a stand-up paddle board. Yes it is one for fishing and has rod holders on it but I find them not in an ideal position. I would leave my rod on the deck while I paddled. Sometimes the rod would be a little over the edge of the boat and get caught on the reeds as I passed by, almost breaking the rod. So this was starting to get a bit frustrating. One day on the net I saw a good idea. It was a rod holder on a plastic sheet with a belt to attach around your waist. I new I could make one but needed time to think through the prototype.

Well I was in luck, somebody threw out a massive sign that was made out of black plastic. I took it home and cut myself a piece off, I still have so much more but fear not I will find uses for it. I got some pvc pipe and cut it to the right size to fit on the plastic sheet. I used a heat gun to give the top of the pipe a bit of a wider gap and create a flat edge. The flat edge was so that I glue it onto the plastic sheet. I added 2 cable ties just to give it extra strength. I used an angle grinder to cut the slot in the rod holder part to keep the reel from moving around. I also used it to make the slots in the plastic for the belt. I had some spare belt material from another project so I sowed it onto the slots and attached a clip for quick release.

This would also be great out at sea on a paddle board if you want to try trolling.



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