Saturday 2nd of July is our annual winter clearance sale

Know of someone who needs a fishing ski, canoe, surf ski or just anything that floats?
Saturday 2nd of July is our annual winter clearance sale….Stealth will be having a second hand clearance sale! We have over 30 different types of fishing kayaks, surf skis, river canoes and more for sale. Some are priced as low as R500…..We even have second hand paddles, life jackets, fishing reels, fishing rods and more….Come in and see what we have because this is a first come first served sale…Starting at 8am on the Saturday morning and no earlier…Good news for all of you not in Durban, our resident Sea Ape will be running the stock lists and details of all products on our website homepage which you will see live and updated as it happens… A special email account will be available from 8am to 1pm. It will then be closed. So for those who do not venture into the store go on line from 8 am and buy from him… remember it is all on a first come first serve basis and if you like , you pay, you send proof and he reserves it before anyone else tries to get it!!! For online members this is how it will work. Check the stock on the website; be fast to send an email with the subject “I would like to reserve these items for payment”. I will immediately send a confirmation. You will have 10 minutes to send a proof of payment to reserve your purchase. Any later and it goes back on the market. SO NO DIDDLE DADDLING! We will also not reserve the same item for any online user more than once.

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