Soft roof racks

inflatable-roof-rackI have a problem. I have a company car and it does not have roof racks. I have recently got a demo stand up fishing paddle board. I also have a fishingski in Durban that I leave there. The problem is when I drive down I can only fish in Umhlanga as I can’t cart my boat anywhere because I don’t have roof racks. I was doing some surfing on the net and found an Inflatable Roof Rack at not a bad price and considering it is not limited to a single car makes it a winner. I suppose it could also be called a soft roof rack.

The Soft Roof Rack is designed to be a temporary solution for transporting leisure equipment, holiday luggage or simply a piece of flat pack furniture. No need to have permanent roof racks on your car and it fits most cars.

So the next step is to get my hands on one and give it a test drive. I will let you know.

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