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This is a piece about what I do for a living and my freelance job. It is also a sales pitch for . My day job I work as a virtual branch manager for, well that was the title I have been given. What I really do is update the website, add and remove stock. I also do a bit of online marketing and I am about to start some banner advertising. We have a few companies under the hypergroup umbrella and I have also started developing their websites.

My freelance job is which has been around for about  9 years. Here I build, host, market, websites. I do training so that people can run their own websites and I am involved in Social media. I have a few other projects that provide a bit of income now and again. I sell the Hunterski and the Surfa online (not the best product for online sales). The other thing I sell is a Makooker it is a great idea and works like a charm. Check out the website for more details. I also run a few blogs, some with other people and some on my own. I have 2 that are collaboration and I do fishing encounters because I love fishing. So now that you know a little bit more about what I do let me explain what I have done.

In my job domains are hot property. A lot of people don't realise the value of a domain, especially when you add a website to that domain. I have been doing some research and found that the domain is available. So I have bought it. I am thinking of 2 things here. If anybody that sells Stealth Kayaks might be interested in the domain lets talk . In the meantime I am going to build a site and see if I can come up tops of the search engines. The nice thing is that the name "stealth kayak" gets about 1600 searches a month. Stealth do make great products.

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