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African Sharp Tooth Catfish on fly

Short clip of one of the fish we landed. All African Sharp Tooth Catfish were caught on fly and were released. Thanks to Dewan Hamman for the video

I have often surprised Barbel ( also known as Catfish ) paddling around a dam. This video is inspiring and I am keen to do this next time I go fishing.

barbel bait rig

This is my barbel bait rig.  I did find the idea on the internet but had to make a plan as I did not have the product they mentioned. I went to dischem and found some gauze that did the job. I am very excited to try this else where.

IMG-20140922-WA0009I did get the bigger one as I was not sure what the final product was like. I cut them in half.


So you then put a dollop of chicken livers in the gauze.


Fold up the  corners to make a ball.


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Then you twist the ball closed and tie it up with some cotton.


Cut off any excess gauze to make it look neat if you want. I did get a bit lazy and did not cut it off. It did making casting the barbel bait rig go like a dart.


This is the final product cast out and catch a big barbel. The chicken livers work very well.


I am looking forward to trying this at Emmarentia dam for some barbel.

Roodeplaat Dam fishing and caravaning

I took my 3 kids on a Caravan trip to Roodeplaat dam. It was my first time caravaning and going to Roodeplaat. After a bit of googling I decided to stay at Mar Leo. Very easy to find as the road almost goes straight there. The turn off for Mar Leo is right after the 4 star blades place.

From a caravaning point of view the place is awesome, well to me it was. We had a site right on the waters edge so we could sit in our veranda and have our lines in the water. The other plus was we had power. It was a bit sad that they do not have showers but the kids enjoyed a version of roughing it. There is one trampoline out of 3 working, again the kid where very happy about that. The pool is clean but freezing when we went now in the beginning of september. The kids loved the pole over the pool. It was a great game to get across the pool without falling off.

We took our little blow up boat that we paddle around in. I need to get a battery so that I can rather use the trolling motor and stop the kids paddling us around in circles and fighting about it. I spoke to Andre the current manager for Mar Leo and he said it would not be a problem to use the boat. I had a concern because from the research I had done I was not sure if you could use a boat from Mar Leo. I had my fish finder with me and could see the water temp was only 17.5 degrees. We tried for bass from the boat and barbel from the land. We had no luck with both, but I think it had something to do with the temp of the water, as the structure around the dam looked perfect for bass. In some of the floating weed beds there were big fishing hunting and now and again it would whip up a froth as it was trying to get whatever it was cashing. I am keen to go back during the hotter months and see what we can catch. I also need to get up to speed on the best baits for barbel and maybe a few night time hand lines.

I have a barbel mission near the end of this month so need to get up to speed fast. What is the best bait? In my youth it would be chicken livers. When I fish emmarentia dam I use bread, but that is because that is what the people feed the ducks. I am keen to try viennas at emmarentia like I did at Roodeplaat dam. They do stay on the hooks nicely.

The place is a carp fishing hot spot and the guys around us where very kitted out the the carp fishing equipment. Mar Leo has day picnic sites available.

Cuba Barbel Fishing at Emmarentia dam

Barbel Fishing Emmarentia damCuba and I went Barbel fishing at Emmarentia dam and we managed to get 2. This was a first for Cuba and a lot of fun. I think the most fun for him was feeding the ducks.

The wind was pumping hectic on this day but I managed to keep my paddle board in place with me feet. The water was warm and clean. The clean water was a problem as I think it made the barbel a bit skittish and the ducks kept diving down to my bait. I just used bread and a circle hook. The same principle as my last fishing mission to do barbel fishing at Emmarentia dam.

Here is some video of the Cuba fishing  action.

Well done Cuba, I hope we get to go fishing again soon.

Barbel Fishing

I often go to Emmarentia for fishing and sometimes we as a family would go for walks and to feed the ducks. When we would feed the ducks we would see these huge barbel under the ducks eating the bread. It got me totally excited but I know you can’t fish from that side so I knew I would have to make a plan with my boat. The day came and I got my bread and tackle ready. I decided to use circle hooks as I was keen to see how they worked and I did not want to be trying to get hooks out deep inside the barbel. So I launched my fishingski and paddled over to the side where the ducks where getting fed. I parked on the side in shallow enough water so that I could use my feet as an anchor. I made a bait ball with the bread and put it on my hook. I just had the flick it out as I was not far from the ducks. I left my reel on free spool and it was not long before the line started peeling out. I flicked over the bail and just held the rod. As there is no striking with circle hooks. I could feel the power of the fish and I lifted my legs so it could pull the boat. It did pull the boat all the way to the other side of the dam where I managed to pull it out and take a photo before letting it go. I then paddled back and did it again. I am keen to try that again this summer and it would be cool to catch it all on video.

I do a lot of bass fishing off my fishing ski. It is a lot of fun and it is amazing what you sneak up on. I have been given the fright of my life when some huge fish suddenly takes off right next to you, with a huge splash. I have also collected a lot of lures that people have cast-ted into trees and have just been unable to collect.

I remember once at Golden Harvest paddling round an island and there where a lot of dead trees in the water. Hiding in the shade of the tress where these most huge carp. I was fishing for bass so had nothing with me to catch the fish with or even some bread to throw to them to see if they would want to eat it. It is a plan of mine to one day go back and see if I can catch one of these big carp. I must say that is something that I also have not caught off my fishing ski yet. Time to go on a mission and see if I can catch, photograph and release some big carp.

 All this talk of fishing I am keen to hit the water.