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Umhlanga on a awesome day

I often go fishing and diving from Umhlanga, my in-laws have a flat there so that is a big bonus as I have cool accommodation in Umhlanga. My mission at umhlanga is listen to the sea from the flat early in the morning and if it sounds good rush down and go out to sea. I normally do a few laps along the back-line. There are some rocks just out from the lighthouse. If you get there early you can pick up a a few kinds of fish. I have managed to catch some king fish, sea pike, shad and snoek. The other place is south of the light house, just off the car park opposite from from the hardware shop. You get a lot of fisherman there and the bait in the water attracts the fish. The one time I collected lots of shad traces there as the guys must have been having a shad run and lost a lot of traces. There where corks floating all over in the water.

After that I head out to sea to the barge, it is about 1.2 km out and in about 24 meters of water. Normally there are lots of other boats around as this is where lots of ski boat fisherman come and get bait. I caught a very nice grunter not the way I am used to catching them. I was fishing for mackerel using a yozri, i managed to catch a few so I popped on on live to a bottom trace and sent it down. I was using a circle hook so all new to me. I had a good pull and as with circle hooks you don’t strike I just hung on. What a great fight and soon I had the grunter in the hatch.

So that is a quick sneak into umhlanga and later I will be posting more stories on my fishing and diving in this area.

The pictures of of me and my brother in-law at umhlanga on an awesome day. If I remember we did not catch anything.