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Bass in clean water

My mate took some cool footage of bass in clean water. I have not fished for a while and so badly need to get back onto the water to do some serious bass fishing.

Anyway have a look at the footage.

Bass fishing on a sup (stand up paddle board)

Cuba and I managed to go bass fishing the other day. I had done some research on some bass dams in the midrand area that I wanted to check out. Research means looking on google earth marking the dams and seeing how to get there. The mission was to go Bass fishing on my sup.

So the day came and I loaded the fishing sup on the car and all the tackle. We had water and food. I had also made a cool thing to attach my camera on to get some footage from a little further away. I had my head strap also. I did manage to get some interesting footage that I need to edit and upload to youtube.

I found a dam and it looked very promising. The other dam was in the midstream estate and the guys on sealine forum said it was very cool. It was when I checked it out but I could not use my fishing sup. So we just walked around and Cuba ran around on the golf course for a bit. The first dam was on private property and the security guard would not let us in. I will be going back to the Midstream dam without all the equipment and just a fly rod.

So in the end I decide to go the the dam below Stoke City. I went my normal route only to find that the road below the dam wall had been washed away and it was impassable. So again I felt like we where being blocked to go Bass fishing on my sup. I decide that I will find the other way round to get to the dam. Nothing like an adventure and I found the other road to get to the dam. So I got the fishing sup offloaded and all the goodies attached. Cuba and I fished the dam from one end to the other but not a single bite. I am blaming the heavy rain for doing something to the bass. So it is back to google earth and l am going to find some new dams to go Bass fishing on a sup.

Bass Fishing off a Fishing SUP

Finally got my hands on a fishing SUP demo. I did a few test runs on my father in laws pond and it is very stable. The kids loved it and said I need to keep it :). Then the boat had a accident I had stored it on my stoep and it fell down, catching the corner and making a nasty break in the fiberglass. I manage to repair it and this weekend I got to take the fishing sup bass fishing. The weather took a very cold snap so I was not expecting big action but I was very excited to get onto the bigger water and see how the fishing sup preformed. The fishing sup does come with 2 rod holders but I find them in a difficult position so I made a crate with 2 rod holders and a seat.

So back to the bass fishing and the boat. I managed to find a dam in the midrand area so off I went. The fishing sup is light so I can manage it by myself very easy. So getting it on and off the the car was a breeze. I attached my crate with 2 bungie cords it worked like a charm. The boat is awesome and fishing from the stand up position on a kayak platform is great. The craft is very maneuverable and I can get into all the nooks and crannies of the dam. It is great to explore the spots right in the reeds right where the bass hide.  I managed to see a few carp and I did have a few very small bass attack my rubber worm. It was great and lots of fun to be out on the water the Fishing SUP is a very cool fishing platform.



When I would come home I would often go and fish in the bottom dam of the farm. It was not a huge dam but perfect for some bass fishing. There is a boat on the dam and I use that as the fishing platform.

On this day a few of us went down to the dam. My mate and his girlfriend came on their motorbikes. Myself in the bakkie, not sure who else was with us. So I get there and go for a round of fishing, my mate and his girlfriend arrive a bit later, they went for a lekker ride around the farm. My mates girlfriend says she would be keen to try some bass fishing, so we climb on the boat and cruse off. She does a very good job of casting and reeling in the rubber worm.

She manages to cast over a stick which is fine, she starts reeling in and as the worm starts coming out of the water to go over the stick a bass takes it. I am sure all this happened in a split second but she did not strike. I scream STRIKE! STRIKE! what I did not realise and she told me afterwards was that I scared the hell out of her. She had never experienced that loud crazy voice coming out of my mouth before, it was frightening. That day the fishing beast in me came out and scared not only my mate but also me. I still love that beast but keep it more in check and channel it in the right places.

I have kept the names quite but you know who you are “chuckle”

bass kayak fishing

A few Sunday’s ago I went bass kayak fishing at Rhenosterkop Dam. It was a mission that Brain from Hunterski Kayak put together. There where 5 of us and he took his rubber duck up for a spin and to bass fish off. It was a great opportunity to test drive the hunterski kayak. So Brain loaded up a demo model for me, and off we went. The drive was long and squashed but worth it as I you will see. We got there and I was in the water in no time as I could not wait to get a few casts in. Brain then loaded me up and took me to the hot spot of the dam where he off loaded me and we all started fishing. I was the first person to break the ice with a nice size bass soon after we arrived at the spot.

On the boat I was fully loaded, the only 2 things I forgot was my hat and water. I had my tackle box, 2 rods, GPS and my fish finder rig. The kayak had no trouble with that load and I soon found the right colour lure and was soon into more bass. Never fished this dam before I had to just explore and cast to where I thought I bass would be. A few times I managed to fish between the reeds and the bank, the water was amazingly clean and you could see right to the bottom, well the depth was only about a meter deep. In the end I paddled 7.5km in 5hrs and I felt like I was only getting warmed up. I got this info from my gps and plugged it into google earth. It was only then did a really see how big this dam is and some spots that I would love to fish are hidden away. So a mission needs to be made to go and visit Rhenosterkop again. I will definitely do it in a kayak again. It was so nice to get into spots that other boats could not. Having the freedom to move around was also the best, just next time I must not forget me hat and water.  The hunterski kayak was also very comfortable, and stable. Next time I want to take my rig for my rods so that I can have them upright because when you move through the reeds they tend to get hooked up.

At the end of the day Brain managed to land 18 bass, I forgot count after 10 and non where under the 1kg mark. This was must first real bass fish of the season and it has started well. I look forward to hitting the water soon.

I have attached 2 pictures one of the full dam. In that one you can see where we fished by the dot in the top right. The other picture is the track that I fished I know it is a bit hard to see, but not sure how to change the colour on google earth. Until next time enjoy the fishing and kayaking. I will be sharing my fishfinder rig with pictures soon, so look out for that story.