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My kids and fishing

I have 3 kids, 2 girls and now a boy. My boy is only 20 months old but he is showing signs that he is keen to get fishing. He walks around my father in laws dam with a stick and pretends he is casting and catching fish. The 2 girls being older 10 and 7 have been fishing for a while now and they love it. I think the one main thing to making fishing exciting is fishing in dams where there are lots of fish. We have been lucky in that regard. My father in law made a dam on his property and stocked it with lots of tilapia. You throw you bait in and a few seconds later you are on. So it has been great to show the children how to fish. I feel the on downfall of this kind of fishing is that when you go to other waters they get bored because they are just not catching any fish. They are learning about patience and I must say they are doing very well.

I have attached a short clip of my eldest a few year ago casting and catching a fish. This was in Rosendal in the Free-state. Thanks to Sue Christie for the free accommodation. The dam was crystal clear and full of bass, we had a most relaxing weekend there.