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Rattler Lure


I wonder if lures are made to catch fisherman? Often they sell us the dream of catching big fish and that is what we buy. It is a feeling I know the feeling and love the feeling because when you catch a fish it is a great feeling, it is pure happiness.  I spend a lot of time on facebook and twitter. It is part of my job :). So I happen to stumble upon this lure. Now I want a few.

When I get my hands on some I will do a write up but in the meantime here are the words of George from Seaport Supply. Pop George a mail if you want some george@seaport.co.za.

These lures are amazingly similair in shape to the famous X-raps whos reputation speaks for itself amongst fisherman and which we still highly recomend above most lures due to their supperior quallity, action and effectiveness , but the best part for the price sensitive customer is the price which will help you avoid sleeping on the couch or even signing those divorce papers for bringing home more fishing tackle

These lures are available in 9 AWESOME colours and 2 different sizes namely the 140 and the 160, the 140 diving to a depth of 7 Meters and the 160 diving to a depth of 8 Meters and to increase your hook up success they are armed with deadly VMC trebles

Alvey Reels

One of me top reels on my fishingski (kayak) is a alvey. It is a very simple reel which is ideal for the salt water conditions. It is like a fly reel but only bigger and more simple. In the center is has a tension knob and you can activate a ratchet sound. I use this reel when I am trolling and bottom fishing. The big thing for me is that I feel connected to the fish and I have control of how much tension I put on the line. It also is simple so no parts that are going to rust and seize up, I can remove the spool and add some grease now and again and it just keeps working and working. I did have a funny thing happen once when I was fighting a fish. The handle unscrewed in my hand so suddenly the fish had freedom 🙂


More of what I have on my fishingski (kayak) and the tackle I use in posts to come.