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Portable fishfinder update

I went on a bit of a mission over the weekend to make this portable fishfinder suction mount with a GPS on the side. I first modified my fishingski hatch to open forwards. It used to open on the side. I then also covered the  lid with black perspex ( Or some sort of signage plastic, they joys of working at rent a store you find some interesting things in the waste skip). A while ago I added a suction mount to my fishfinder. I made a suction mount for the gps but thought that is a waste. Lets just make one suction mount. So this was the final product below in the video.

Portable fishfinder Suction mount with a GPS on the side.

In this link is still my mount for the transducer and battery. I am thinking about getting a smaller battery so will change the battery box to make portable fishfinder more portable.

GPS for android to take on my fishingski

My GPS of may years has decided to stop working. I have taken it in to get it fixed and due to the age of it it has to be replaced. I am a bit cash strapped at the moment so that will need to wait. I have being doing some research and have found a few things to try. I have uploaded them to my Samsung Phone. I got a waterproof pouch for my phone as a birthday gift. My wife was very worried with me being out at sea.

So the first thing is www.viewranger.com I have installed it and will test it. Here are some comments from the people that made it.

viewRanger works by using the internal GPS built in your phone, combined with tracking, navigation and location sharing tools that we’ve developed. The GPS location, mapping & navigation can be used even without a mobile signal. With ViewRanger on your smartphone or tablet, and on the web at My.ViewRanger.com, you’ll get even more from your favourite outdoors pursuits.

Use ViewRanger to record your track as you go and create a mapped trace of your adventure, complete with all the key “stats” to keep or share.

I am still trying to work out how to add waypoints, I just see in the menu POI and Tracks. I need that for all my fishing spots.

The other thing I installed is mytracks by google. I am a bit of a google nut so I think this will be awesome. Again I need to do some testing. I also have my gps files at home so I will test and see if I can upload them.

If any of you do this kind of thing and have some suggestions please let me know. Thanks

Kosi Bay GPS fishing Spots

I have attached a file that can be used in a garmin software like basecamp. Basecamp has a nice feature where you can view your gps points in google earth. Google earth just gives you an amazing perspective, and you never know you might just find a better fishing spot.

The spot called hole, is a place where the deep water comes very close to land via a steep drop off. The trick to fishing these spots is to NOT put your bait in the deep water but to keep it in the shallow next to the drop off. It is also wind dependant if the spot is good for fishing, also if the water is clean it is best to fish at night.


Good Luck

Kosi Bay.gpx