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Tiervis Bonanza (Tiger fish)

Many Many moons ago I went with my Brother in law to the JoziniĀ Tiervis Bonanza. I still have the T Shirt šŸ™‚ it is a little bit worse for wear. Ā The mission was we drove down from JHB and my Father would come from Eshowe with the boat. We would then camp inĀ the main site where the comp happened. Ā It all worked out very well, lots of fun was had by all. We had no luck with the big Tiger fish.

I had even caught to tilapia out of my father in laws dam to use as dead bait. Ā The big Tiger fish where just not interested. So we didĀ lots of drifting around and lure casting. I saw lots of little tiger fish chasing my lures which is still such fun.

Meed to make a mission to go back there with my kids and see if we can catch a big one.