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Features of the Hunter Ski Fishing Kayak

26 kg of highly durable polyethylene ready to change the way you fish! Loads of deck storage and hatch storage for the adventurous paddler. Utility trays on either side of the paddler for temporary storage of lures, pliers etc. Exceptional stability.

Length: 3.45m
Width: 0.83cm
Weight: 28kgs

Sit on top kayak

  • Wet cockpit area drains quickly and efficiently, thus inevitable splashing does not enter the hull.
  • Fisherman can enter and exit cockpit with ease, from just about anywhere, even in the water. The wide stable design also assists with easy access.
  • The wet deck, sit on top kayak design, makes it extremely versatile, for example, it can be used as a buoy and catch box while spearfishing.
  • It will never sink!

The Deck

  • The upper half of the kayak has a non-slip surface molded into the polyethylene. So, even when wet, the paddler has total control over the vessel.
  • There are four different length foot rests for different height paddlers molded into the deck of the boat.
  • There is a very large storage area on the deck behind the paddlers back. The flat nature of this area means that hatches can be fitted anywhere here. Live bait buckets or cooler boxes, its big enough to fit just about anything.
  • Long thin storage trays on either side of the paddler allow safe temporary storage for lures, films, bullets or whatever else. These trays also have a molded in cup holder on each side.
  • Three or more hatches of different sizes can be fitted on the deck that allow storage within the hull of the kayak. Although the inside of the hull does get wet in choppier water, leakage is minimal. On calm water, the inside can be used as dry storage. These hatches also provide access to the steering cables on the inside for easy maintenance or modifications.


  • At 86cm wide the Hunter Ski provides phenomenal stability. With some nice weather and good balance you are able to stand up on the kayak.
  • Such stability will increase the confidence of any level of paddler and better and more daring exploration will take place.

Steering (optional extra)

  • A durable stainless steel rudder is attached to the stern of the Hunter Ski.
  • This rudder is directed by a lightweight aluminum foot steering system.
  • The aluminum foot steering system can be controlled while paddling.

Utility drain holes

  • Behind the paddlers seat there is a rectangular storage recess with two drainage holes. A cooler-box, bait-box, diving gear or anything else can be stored here.
  • These drainage holes are extremely useful. A set of wheels can be plugged in from underneath. The wheels available from Hunter Ski as an accessory are welded from stainless steel. This is brilliant for when a lot of kit is on the kayak and carrying it will be quite difficult. With the wheels the kayak can just be reversed into deep enough water to take the wheels out. The stainless steel will avoid rusting.
  • Once launched, and the wheels removed, a T-top canopy can be plugged into these holes from on top. Hunter Ski has developed this canopy from lightweight aluminum and the sun is blocked out with durable rip-block material. The canopy has a swiveling point and can be moved out of the way for casting etc.

Nylon Seat

  • Built for comfort. Paddling without a seat can be very taxing on the lower back and hamstrings.
  • The seat is adjustable using the two straps on either side of the paddlers that are clipped onto the boat.
  • Strips of polycarbonate are built into the seat to provide support and strength.
  • The deluxe seat version has an extra pocket, an extra cup holder, an extra rod holder, and a belt clip to hold tools that normally go onto your belt.


  • Up to 12 rod holders can be installed onto the Hunter Ski , these can be used for trolling, rod storage, to connect one kayak to another, and in many other creative ways.
  • Under the paddlers legs is space to tie down a tackle box. This allows for easy access and the fisherman can keep his deck tidy.
  • The utility trays on either side of the paddler allow for temporary storage of lures, bait or anything that may be convenient close at hand.
  • Rods can be tied down either in front, or behind of the paddler, on the storage decks. This may be necessary when launching and there is a possibility of capsizing.

Hunterski fishing kayak

Today I went on a mission and popped in at the Hunterski workshop. Brian was happy to show me around and explain how the kayaks got made. Unfortunately they where not making any hunterskis today, but I will be back to see it in action, I am also keen to bring my camera next time. The hunterski kayak is router molded and Brian popped open a mold and explain how they put powder plastic into to aluminum mold and then clamp the two halves together. The mold is a bit like a sheep on the spit, it rotates slowly so that the plastic can end up all over the inside. They then take the mold and pop it in an oven, the oven tilts up and down so again the powder plastic can get all over the place. The oven blasts hot air all over the mold, which then melts the plastic and makes it stick to the sides. Once that is done the mold is taken out the oven and allowed to cool. The cooling process is assisted with fans and misters. Once it is cool it is popped open and one blank hunterski is born. They then add all the rod holders and other bobs and bits. And in the end you have a very cool fishing kayak made right here in Johannesburg South Africa.

Thanks Brian from http://www.hunterski.co.za/ for showing me around and I look forward to selling your home grown South African product. Please contact me Lantz Mattinson email lantz(at)fishingencounters.co.za should you want more details one pricing.