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Fishing Lake St Lucia

In my youth we would go on fishing holidays to Lake St Lucia. I was very lucky that my grand parents had a place at the lake. It is called Makakatana bay. In the beginning my Oupa the late Lionel Gunter had a boat and we would go with him fishing, my Goco the late Patty Gunter would also join us . I remember him striking so hard once that he hit me on the head. I was sitting behind him. He was from the colonial days. so we had a gillie on the boat and the gillie would bait up my grandfathers hooks and gaff the fish and do all that sort off stuff. My grandfather would pre make up his traces with bait on them, then freeze them. My grandfather would catch a fish, the gillie would gaff the fish a put it in the sack, unclip the trace and clip on a fresh bait, my grandfather would then cast out again. It was fun and I learnt a lot from my grandfather. I do miss him.

I have not been to Lake St Lucia for may years. It had dried up for a while, but now the water is back. I am going there at the end of June (2014) for a week and I am super excited. I do believe you are not allowed to keep the Salmon you catch. I am keen to try some drop shot and my daughter is rather keen on fly fishing so lets see what happens. My parents, Family members have been and the catch reports have been good. This does bring back memories of my fishing days at Lake St Lucia so I am writing some posts from the old days.