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SOX Fishing

I do feel that lures are there to catch the fisherman and our wild dreams of catching that big fish. In saying that these lures look absolutely brilliant and looking at the sox fishing gallery they do catch fish. Check out the facebook page for even more updates. I also love the custom design and branding if you want your own personal lures. I remember the guys at pomene Mozambique catching fish with green pawpaw, maybe that is a color and design to look into.

Sox Poppers are custom made from tropical hardwood, the old fashioned way. Multiple coats of marine sealant and UV protected epoxy extend the life of the poppers and offer protection against piercing teeth and muscular jaws.

Kayak Fishing Lures 101

Casting Slimbait 175 – Chartreuse

So a quick question. Which fishing tackle shops in the JHB area have these lures and a good price? If you know of any tackle shops that stock the Casting Slimbait 175 please let me know in the comments below. Thank you in advance. I very much am hooked on the idea of the glow one but I imagine that the one that looks like a needle fish will work very well.

The long-casting Slimbait has a wobbling, rolling action and is best used with a twitching  & jerking retrieve. Perfect for shore or boat angling. They are made by CID Cast in Deep

Length: 175mm Weight: 30g Floating

Available in the following colours

Casting Slimbait 175Sardine
Chartreuse (with Orange underbelly)
Clear Blue
UV Orange


Rattler Lure


I wonder if lures are made to catch fisherman? Often they sell us the dream of catching big fish and that is what we buy. It is a feeling I know the feeling and love the feeling because when you catch a fish it is a great feeling, it is pure happiness.  I spend a lot of time on facebook and twitter. It is part of my job :). So I happen to stumble upon this lure. Now I want a few.

When I get my hands on some I will do a write up but in the meantime here are the words of George from Seaport Supply. Pop George a mail if you want some george@seaport.co.za.

These lures are amazingly similair in shape to the famous X-raps whos reputation speaks for itself amongst fisherman and which we still highly recomend above most lures due to their supperior quallity, action and effectiveness , but the best part for the price sensitive customer is the price which will help you avoid sleeping on the couch or even signing those divorce papers for bringing home more fishing tackle

These lures are available in 9 AWESOME colours and 2 different sizes namely the 140 and the 160, the 140 diving to a depth of 7 Meters and the 160 diving to a depth of 8 Meters and to increase your hook up success they are armed with deadly VMC trebles


A small selection of lures I have, some have been used and now are

retired. Some have been lost to some fish. I still have a few, and I
also now have a few more.

I find it is hard to go into a fishing shop and not leave with some
new shiny lure. I often wonder if they make lures to catch fisherman?
We dream of all the fish we are going to catch with the lure and get
all excited and make that purchase. Anyway that is all part of the fun
of fishing, dreaming of that most amazing place and the big fish that
are there waiting for us to catch them.