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OTEK Sportz

I got my hands on a OTEK Sportz camera through the daddys deals website. It was a good bargain compared to the GOPRO. I am not sure who imports them for now. The camera has been lots of fun. I have managed to shoot a lot of video and having a blast with the time lapse setting. I have uploaded a bit of footage to my youtube channel, feel free to subscribe. Now my next mission is to get some fishingski footage. I am hoping to do that soon. The one thing that is lacking is the amount of attachments for the camera. Lucky I am rather resourceful and I have made a few attachments, check my gallery below. I am going to be making a few more accessories as I see what my needs are. So if you have one of these  OTEK Sports cameras and need some extra fittings just let me know and I will see what I can do. The guys from action gear where also super helpful gave me a universal accessory that I needed.