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With these rod socks it is easy to get any rod out the hatch tangle free

Rudolph Venter is  the Gauteng distributor of rod socks and sells them for R50 per sock (postage excluded). The rod socks are available in 7ft spinning and 6.6 as well as 7ft bait-casting socks. You can’t order specific colour socks as they vary from order to order.

Rudolph’s words. So far I am personally very satisfied with these rod socks as it is easy for me to get any rod out the hatch without any trouble whatsoever.

Anyone interested can email me their order and I will add it to my existing order, as I order the socks in batches.
Once I receive a mail for an order I will send my banking details over and sort out delivery.

Rudolph’s email addresss is venter.ru@gmail.com

Check out some pictures of the Rod Socks